I Declare God As My Sovereign #In14Ways #Aremuorin #SundayConfessions #MercyfulGrace

Written by Aremuorin

Certain people/folks don’t like me talking about God – but I won’t have it any other way! He is the paramount centre of my existence. And it’s my choice to glorify him often ..’

You do you, and I do me. No amount of money, or fame, can make me trade it up. If, I wanted to, I would have by now. Even, with all my beautiful imperfections – he loves me still. Just the way I am.

Always there for me – when the world is no where to be found. Beside deep steep waters, and peaked high low valleys. He cradles me. He is my alpha, beta and omega. There is no other God I know, kind as he. Mercy-full.

God is a good God. Let fools proclaim their ignorance while we proclaim his praise. Servitude to love.

Slow to anger, and quick to love. He forgives, he forgets, he cleanses and sets afore said, the standards, no one has ever measured or lived up to. Yet – he loves (us) me still. Just the way (we) I am. Now, who are you to be the judge of that!

God is love* – He’ll never leave you if you believe in him! Place him above all others, and he’ll take you places no one has ever been, or dreamed of!

On that, I can guarantee you. He makes mockery of fools with his wonder-full-ness. I can’t take credit for this. This just came to me – and had to share. Statuses become blog trawls in micro seconds without reason(s).

Standard ..’

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