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Africa is well lit with controversy vehemently on sexuality. Some primitive ideology permits that narrow minded view where ignorance is partly king. Bernardine’s article is refreshing.

Nigeria for instance criminalises the lgbtq+ community for 14yrs if convicted in the act between consenting adults, but will gladly force marry a 13yr old girl into marriage with a 40 year old grown man without remorse.

It’s hypocritical to the best of my reasoning of understanding. (It’s illogical – after researching Religious Trauma Syndtome: Dr Marlene Winell). Where is the hypocrisy and where is the freewill? After all, love does not manipulate other’s freewill.

That hate in your heart does not belong to me. You can keep it for no one else for your sakes’ ..’ – Aremuorin

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I have always maintained Africa’s irrational, traditional homophobia, is misplaced. This article is lit with facts away from religious abuse & cultural ignorance. About time, we start re – educating ourselves on Religious Abuse.

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#Listen: God is love. I am pro #love. An avid friend, confident & supporter of the Lgbtq+ community and it’s environs worldwide. Get used to it & worry about your own sinful #hypocrises.

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Toxic Masculinity, Self Hate & Homophobic triads does not make you a man. Love is not #adversarial. The personification: of love, is love.

Culture is not set in stone. Otherwise, we’d still be ridding donkeys to Jerusalem and burning witches at the stake.

Here is the irony. The self-hating, in denial, closeted lgbtq+ communities, are self-demonising, and also being demonised with rhetorics of fear, mis-education & shaming antics.

Yet, it does not stop their self-righteous hypocritical, closeted sexual conquest’s with aggressive male-volent, projections, littered with promiscuity.

It only drives them further underground with prevalent risks to more undisclosed STD’S or HIV cross infections, between their (multiple) sexual partners and spouses.

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Straight folks, by far; are not homophobes. It might gross them out mildly, in thoughts. End off. They don’t go on a homophobe, witch-hunt, anarchy triads of persecution of the lgbtq+ community. They are too involved thinking of getting laid by the opposite sex. Those who do are simply self-hating & self-projecting.

There was a time that the killing of twins was acceptable in Africa, just like the burning of witches at the stake in the west. I bet they all look on with indignation, now, rolling in their graves; with their ignorance.

Why is Africa always the last to know? Just like some Africans still believe Jesus is white and still waiting for him to come and save them from their sins when the Eve gene preceeds white Jesus.

So, tell me. What has Africa resolved and achieved with this illogical, antiquated-thinking, hypocrisy, denial and avoidable ignorance?

Africa, let people be. Let God be God. Stop trying to change folks forcefully. Even by biblical standards; Abraham the father of faith had whores, all the way to Solomon, the wisest King of his time.

God is love. God loves a good misfit from Moses to Saul. He used them exceedingly well to move mountains. He revels in the foolish to confound the wise, so that He can take glory, time after time. Worry about your own sins. Humans are just humans and have always been.

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Homophobia in Africa is a real concern for me as a humanitarian. Love is not toxic masculinity.

Many of these homophobes consume lgbtq+ goods and services most of their lives; yet remain perputually ignorant of the fact, that they do. From your Tom Ford to your Louis Vuiiton. They are all lgbtq+ products. So think again before look foolish. When you look at life in black and white you stop seeing rainbows.

South Africa’s pro lgbtq+ rights have come a long way and I hope the rest of Africa wakes up to follow suite.

The same anti lgbtq+ bible the average homophobe justifies their cognitive dissonace, from; buttressed with tyranic homophobic antics also says, girls should be stoned to death on their wedding nights if they are not virgins, by their husbands. Only to further lament in Ecclesiastes 7:20:

Indeed, there is no one on earth who is righteous, no one who does what is right and never sins.

So, again – “Worry about your own sins”.

Read Benardine’s full article here – #In14Ways

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