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Written by Anthony Everest

I was, last minute called, on the last sunday of the year to perform, at the first BlackoutUK brunch, which was my pleasure. A great honour, to be asked, to perform my new self penned song IfYouNeedMe. Thank you Nzube for the capture🙏🏿.

This year, I wrote & produced a compilation album featuring a brand new self penned song “If You Need Me”, from the forth coming Ep “OBLIVION”, scheduled for realease in 2020. Also won 6 awards internationally for “Music & Community Support” including “Oustanding Creative Artiste Of The Year from BBI

The critiques that challenged my decision to perform here got me thinking. Then, it just occurred to me, that – On #2020Vission:

Anthony Everest, Photo Credit: Black In Motion – https://MercyfulGrace.Blog
Nzube, Photo Credit: Black In Motion – https://MercyfulGrace.Blog

The evil that antiquated religious & cultural #ignorance ensues is deadlier than WW3. Make love lead the #way ..’ – #In14Ways

Anthony Everest, Photo Credit: Black In Motion – https://MercyfulGrace.Blog

Each to their own dogma. When a self righteous kettle calls pot black, moral logic, precludes all sensibility ..’

Anthony Everest performing “If You Need Me & Never Around Ep live” @blkoutuk, Photo Credit: Black In Motion – https://MercyfulGrace.Blog

I guess it’s safe to say, nobody is normal. Otherwise, it would be, a perfect world. Self love brings clarity.

Selfie: Anthony Everest & Emran, Photo Credit: Anthony Everest – https://MercyfulGrac.Blog

My self esteem is not wrapped around your likes, or dislikes. Just because it’s successful does not mean it’s credible.

Selfie: Nzube & Emran, Photo Credit: Nzube – https://MercyfulGrace.Blog

That’s why some of you don’t want to wake up. You love illusions, fairytales and daydreams. Perfect, myriads for the slavemaster.

Black Boy Joy, Photo Credit: Anthony Everest – https://MercyfulGrace.Blog

Do you and #FollowYourDreams. I am pretty sure if Jesus listened to his critiques he would have left humanities cross of shame behind at calvary. That’s why Jesus said its finished.

Nzube, Photo Credit: Black In Motion – https://MercyfulGrace.Blog

Some folks have been through hell from cultural & religious abuse. So this space is ideal for respite or re-conditioning the mind, body & soul with great networking opportunities in a safe environment.

Since 2012. Many friends and colleagues told me to work closely with the LGBTQ+ community. I didn’t get it. Now. I do. Straight folks are not homophobes. Self haters are. So much work to do. So little time to do it. Love is a wonderful cure for antiquated #ignorance ..’ – #In14Ways

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Love is the only truth and only the truth can set you #free. The rest is a waste of precious #time and we all know time is #money. Nobody is wasting #mine.

When God has given me greatness; why hide it under a rock – for fools?

Culture is not set in stone; otherwise, we would still be ridding donkeys to Jerusalem and burning witches at the stake.

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