Always listen to the #HolySpirit ..’ – #In14Ways #MercyfulGrace

Written by Anthony Everest

So true.

Today. I tried to out smart the Holy Spirit. Both times I was wrong.

1. I needed an internet cafe to type up a quick letter to print for an urgent post.

2. The Holy Spirit directed me to 1 of 2 – the nearest one to me, knowing there was, a convict, I’m avoiding working at 2 of 2.

3. I said na.. I’m going to 2 of 2, cuz he’s in prison. He won’t be there. He’d been arrested for some stuff. His boss is friendly. He will accommodate me.

4. Literally, I got there. Who was there. Him. The convict. I walked past the cafe like I was hurrying pass, going elsewhere; like an actor.

5. I continued, remembering of a third one; further on. I had never used it before but knew it was there. I got there impatiently. There was a queue. So I grabbed some quick lunch next door and came back hurriedly with it eating away on the resting queue.

6. Lo and behold – after I waited till my turn. The attendant told me – ‘Sorry, we dont provide that service here anymore”. I could see the abandoned terminals. I was like, you mean I spent all that time waiting for nothing?

7. Then it landed. You did not go to 1 of 2. Even your 2 of 3 was useless. But thank God for grace. I asked a local for help in my distress and I was led to 4 of 4, further along – 5 mins away. It was the final bliss; but it costed me an extra hour. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

Always listen to the Holy Spirit.

My Prayer for you:

I pray for unparalled great vindication; full of a bountiful #MercyfulGrace on any afflicted blessed burdened, where ever curried, by any loveless entity; now known, or unknown. #Amen ..’

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