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In my old post I delved into the LGBTQ vs Christain Parents, and found myself repeatedly, addending the article. Had to make an editorial decision to write a follow up instead.

This topic is an old rehash but probably more eloquent this time around: The moment when bigots demand love & respect but can’t seem to give it in return. Where’s the joke in the irony: Cognitive dissonance personified.

The state has a responsibility to all it’s subjects not just Jews, Harikrishnas or Christians. Let go of that bigotry, self entitlement and delusion. Love does not exclude.

Britain is a multicultural society and not a monolithic nation. There is a reason why Jesus came from the House of Whores (Rahab) and his best friend (Mary Magdalene) was a whore.

He in fact, appeared to the whore first, before his disciples when He rose from the dead after his cricifiction. The Son of God. The one whom; without nothing was made. How ironic.

I feel child psychologists and educators should take Christain parents views, in as they should, holistically, coupled with extensive research, data and professional insights to mitigate a solution within the school curriculum to address this complex issue age appropriately, with care.

A blanket religious view won’t solve problems relevent to today’s norms concerning youths in this cyber overload information age.

Humans have evolved. Therefore, we need new coping mechanisms unlike before. That’s life.

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