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Sally B Hunt –

Saul was an atheist who wrote most of the new testatament (Holy Bible) as Paul ..’ – Aremuorin

Sally B Hunt said on a long viral post on the many comments – to a video she posted on white supremacy:

She started with:

Racism against w people doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing. W people invented race/racism. We are all socialized into w supremacy, AKA racism.

Yes, there is indeed racism against Hispanic people. I never said there wasn’t. Watch the video again. I explained the basic fact that there’s no such thing as “racism against w***e people”.

That’s a fact. It’s never existed because the entire concept of race and racism was created by w***e people for the purposes of benefiting / privileging / making profits for them. That’s why racism exists.

There was no concept of “race” until w***e folks decided to dehumanize b***k people so they’d have some f’ed up reason to try to justify why the children of African slaves would be born into slavery themselves.

The closer to the b***k race you are perceived to be, the more racism / oppression / dehumanizing you experience on a systemic, structural, institutional level.

Racism is w***e supremacy. They are one and the same. There’s no “reverse” of this system that privileges w***e people and advantages them in so many ways every day. Like I said, it is why it was created.

We are ALL socialized / brainwashed / indoctrinated into this system of beliefs. It’s devastating but is an undeniable fact. It’s reinforced all around us by our institutions, structures, laws, and public policies.

We must dismantle this system by raising awareness and challenging & combating it.

Love this white 😍 chick👌🏿.
She breaks the root of #racism down:👇🏿

All w people are #racist by virtue of their white privileges socially and/or institutionally constructed, to self preserve; which implies, all other races are inferior i.e. White Jesus, White Christmas and etc. If it’s bad, it’s black i.e Black Friday, Black sheep etc.

Truth hurts. Filter the comments if you don’t believe me.

Some will deflect and go off on a #prejudice tangent predictably to #rebuff their #discomfort ..’ – #In14Ways

Watch the full video here.

Solutions: Watch here

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