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Happy days. Stay loved up in this #truth. It’s no longer a #mystery. God is not #religion. God is #Love ..’ – #In14Ways

Last year I was accused of having an agenda and recently, an agent of Satan. I had to go in, as I had the time.

Where is the lie? Who is the real agent of Satan? Why do self righteous religious charlatans think they have the right to judge and project their ignorances at others?

Narratives like these are why the pews are empty and people refuse to respect some Christians with these antiquated antics and naive indoctrinations.

You need to go out more and learn more about the world around you and how it functions; and not dwell on single stories of discrimination, bias & religious prejudices. Jesus is the personification of social inclusion. He came from the house of whores and great kings too.

Even if I was a lepper like Lazarus📣. Even if I was worse than the worst gays on the whole planets put together, rolled into one, you could ever concieve.

Abraham the father of faith (The blood line of Jesus – His Great, Great…. Grand Pa) had cocubines (Ketura) and fathered children with them before he sent them all away with gifts and gave everything to ‘Isaac‘, the ‘Promised Child’.

This promised child gave life to Jesus Christ: A Holy Sacrifice – in lieu of Isaac to be slain when God tested Abraham – “The sole reason why it is finished; as Jesus himself, concluded, on the cross, out of His own mouth, after he was crossed on the cross for all the sins of mankind!”

You didn’t earn this grace or redemption by your works of righteousness. Don’t get it twisted. You don’t own it. Neither can you buy it.

Thank you Jesus.

This is why Jesus went (appeared) to Mary Magdalene, first, on His resurrection; before his disciples, or even – God.

Cuz he knew, mankind, would deny Her and Sinners alike that grace he brought freely to mankind, out of their bad religions, ignorances and self righteous church politics.

Predictably, they deleted her testimonies from the bible. The very first person who was commanded by Jesus himself, to spread the Good News of redemption and Christianity.

Wao! Talk about wisdom. The wisdom of God surpassing all understanding.

Even If I was a whore like Mary Magdalene the best friend of Jesus and a whore like Rahab the Nan of Jesus. Who are you to judge? Worry about your own sins !!!

Nobody owns God. Love is free, freely given and God is #love ..’

Read Ecclesiastes 7:20 (KJV)

20 For there is not a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not.

God First. To the eye naked; all is, unlike the one’s covered with the #truth. Just because it’s successful does not mean it’s #credible. You know you are tripping when you say you have no sin.

I liken #bad #religion to #alcohol. It diminishes responsibility and regresses the #mind ..’ – #In14Ways

By Aremuorin

#Light #Faith #Power

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