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Things you should know before falling in love with me:

1. I have a hard time opening myself up to people, and in the past, it’s ruined relationships for me.

2. I’m not a morning person at all, it’s best if you keep your distance until I’m completely awake.

3. I am honest, but I know at times I can be too honest and it’s never my intention to hurt your feelings, I just don’t think before I say things.

4. There are days when it’s just too much to get out of bed, and on days like those just know it’s not you, it’s never because of you.

5. I have so much love to give but I don’t know how.

6. I can get angry very quick and it can last for the whole day. And even if you weren’t the cause for my anger, stay away. You can’t reason with me when I’m like that.

7. I never want you to think I need you. I don’t, I can do all of this alone and be perfectly fine.

8. I’m not your property I am my own person and if you ever think you can cage me up, you’ve never been more wrong in your life.

9. I’m a free Spirit and Love doing things that excite my soul. So be ready to go out of your comfort zone.

10. I sing in the car and you should too.

11. I’m a movie fanatic, I like anything that can make me feel something.

12. I can be the warmest person you’ve ever met, or I can be the coldest. It all depends on the type of person you are.

13. I feel things deeper than most and that’s why my emotions are always under lock and key.

14. If I ever lose the fire in my eyes, don’t leave, just take me to bed and turn off all the lights, I’m just in my head, and that’s a place you never want to see.

15. I have a dark soul that sometimes makes me view the glass at half empty instead of half full.

16. I’ll never give you a reason to cheat on me. And if you do, you should just pack your shit and go. No explanation just leave.

17. I have many sides to me, each one being more complex than the last. But just know, no ones stayed long enough to see them all.

18. If you do leave because I’m something you can’t handle. I won’t be mad or hurt. Like i said before, I don’t need you.

19. If you ever see me cry, don’t say anything just pick me up and hold me.

20. I am not something you can fix and mold into something else. If you come into my life thinking that, you’re going to leave worse off than me.

21. I don’t like beating around the bush. It takes too much time.

22. I get hot very easily and when I am hot I’m a ticking time bomb that you don’t want to see blow.

23. Don’t put your hand on my throat if you don’t want what comes after.

24. When I’m on my period I can be very unpredictable and I’m sorry for whatever happens.

25. I know I come off as very independent and if that intimidates you then you should walk away now.

26. I’m looking for someone who will challenge me, someone who has the same goals as me and will do whatever to reach them. Someone who I can take on the world with.

27. I lose interest very easily and if you can’t keep me on my toes then we won’t last long at all.

28. I never ask for help, but I won’t say no if you give it. It’s my pride and it’s a bitch.

29. Your happiness is key to me. And mine should be the same to you.

30. There is never a reason to lie to me, I’m very understanding. I take trust very seriously and if you lie to me all my trust for you is gone.

I know I am complicated and have a lot of layers to me, but believe me when I say, whoever gets past my walls and gets me, they’re the luckiest person because I have a lot to give. – k.L.k

– Author Unknown

I love 16. But 19. was a paradox for me on the author”.

An eye opener ..’

“One passive aggressive human being I will not want to date.

I admire the sense of self worth but hurt bad with revolving walls arround it as a fortress.

Unfortunately, in a relationship, it’s about two becoming one, not two becoming 2 or 3 or more, save their offsprings.

Who ever I fall in love with would be an organic match regardless of the baggages there or not – cuz they wont matter if we were in love.

That’s life in general. You don’t have to be intimate with anyone to experience this connection. You can get sex anywhere if you so desire to live your flesh free willingly. Personally, the latter is not my style. I believe in love and in the one – not players like dogs looking for pots to piss in. Love is friendship.

Jesus is the love of my life. I tell him everything wrong about me and he loves me still.

Relationships based on love surpasses all human undersanding. They can’t figure it out.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?”.

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