Fabio Abraham In 14 Ways

Met up with him after catching him in the movie ‘Flower Girl’. Great guy. 

1: My favourite past time Memory, when my mum used to take me out with my brother on a weekend to the Cinema, then dinner In Wimpy,  then skating.

2: My influences will be as in my career, Al Pacino, Andy Garcia, Denzel Washington, Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson, James Cameron, and Steven Spielberg. So many to mention in here.

3: Fabio Abraham is an Actor, who is One of all of Us. I am All of you people with no exception, I am African, European, American, Chinese, Indian, I am Black, White, Yellow, Bronze, Brown, I am all people of planet Earth.

4: I will never want to change anything if I got back by time, because every day has shaped the moment I am living on now.

5: Favourite on screen kiss, that would be the one Alan Freeman kissed to Afua Forson brown in Afua’s Diary!! It was hmm, awww Wow! Delicious .

6: What I would do again?!! I would be an Actor over and over again.

7: I will go as Far as my career requires me to do, to the absolute no limits, as I was born unlimited.

8: That I will never do backstabbing, I appreciate our differences and I know we all have different presents, beside I am very positive person, I don’t waste my time over such a negative thoughts. I’d rather focus on going forward with my career. Life is too short.

9: If it was like Tom Hanks in Philadelphia oh Yes indeed, anything with genius idea and a real case like that, yes for sure will accept it.

10: Nude Scenes? I will consider it if it serves the Scene very well, but not for the sake of jus getting people excited!!

11: God has always been my Rock.

12: I am the most true believer in God I will consider myself to be.

13: I do pray all the time whenever I can, in wherever I am.

14: hmmm, there still a lot I would love to tell you all guys, maybe I can start by telling you I was a Volleyball champion in Egypt, and also played it professionally in Italy, the rest which is a lot I will reveal it later, so keep tuned!! 

Interview by Aremuorin

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