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We met up with the other Tyra 🙂🤗😍. Need we say more. Slay. Slay. Slay. Still, we are bewildered we pulled this one off. God is awesome. We are truly humbled and blessed. Miracles do happen when you do believe ..’

Tyra is definitely one of our most all time favourite Queens from the Rupaul Drag Race franchise. This is a token of our love and thanks to her for the interview. Superb. We hope you do agree too. She is a world Class Act !!! Nothing but love ..’

We love Tyra Sanchez. Such a Brilliant Gifted Talent. Some Queens are struggling with one look. She’s knocking out 3 in one runway walk with the same outfit. It’s obvious why and where the trawls are from. Hater’s are gonna hate but God said no ..’

It takes one with a strong willed character to understand the genius behind navigating hate.

The Interview:

1. How are you today and to what do we owe this honourable pleasure.

Today I am super good. The sun is shining, my heart is beating and it’s another day to accomplish something more!

2. Who is Tyra Sanchez.

Tyra Sanchez is a fictional character. A figment of my imagination that I brought to life. Tyra is also the second season winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

3. Is she misunderstood.

Tyra Sanchez is beyond misunderstood. People can’t understand her. They can’t label her. Can’t put their finger on it and that’s why they are so intrigued.

4. Would life be different without her and how.

Life would be different without Tyra because I wouldn’t receive so much hate from online trolls. Also I probably wouldn’t have as much success as I do today. I’d totally miss financial stability and the joys of travel.

5. Is there something Tyra would like to say that she hasnt already said and what.

Bite me.

6. What moves Tyra.

Hard work, dedication and determination are the things that move Tyra. There’s nothing sexier than a queen that knows what she wants and how to get it.

Tyra Sanchez – https://youtu.be/sld3JFDt7dc

7. How important is faith and God to you especially on the show and now.

Faith is extremely important. I don’t know how I would’ve made it through all these years without faith. The ability to believe that something greater is out there or that something better is on its way. It’s like going through something and not having any worry at all because you know like you know that The Universe will make a way.

8. Do you have anymore new dreams and ambitions.

I have tons of dreams and ambitions, however, I’m currently focused on one important dream at the moment. The release of my first musical album. Currently scheduled to be released in spring of 2018, my album speaks to the masses. Every detail, every lyric and every beat comes from my heart. I’ve spent my last summer creating and producing each track all on my own. I’ve put so much of myself into the music that I’m like an open book. But I know that it’s worth it and the fans will truly appreciate it.

9. How would you like to be remembered.

I’d like to be remembered as America’s Sweetheart. The sweetest person that you’ll ever meet, but be careful not to cross her because she can jump from America’s Sweetheart to Miss Bitch in 3.9 seconds.

Tyra Sanchez – More @ Http://MercyfulGrace.blog

More Tyra https://youtu.be/sld3JFDt7dc

10. Where is home.

My home is not of this earth! I don’t belong here and this place is only temporary. My place is in the heavens, in the kingdom, next to our creator. But for now we’ll settle with Los Angeles, CA.

11. Favourite & Worst moments on DragRace.

I think my favorite moment of Drag Race is during the bridal challenge. Every competitor formed an alliance and tried to have me removed, but evil never wins and it only led to my triumphant victory.

I think my worst moment was Season 5 reunion. I gave so much focus in helping another queen that I didn’t put any attention into myself. Time flew by and the next thing you know I was rushing to complete my appearance and by the looks of things, it was really terrible.

Tyra Sanchez – http://MercyfulGrace.blog

12. What is love to you.

Love is indescribable. It’s like an ultimate feeling of happiness. Love is me. Love is you. We are love.

“Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.”

13. From one Queen to another – ‘Would you like say something to the Queen of England’.

Not really. No disrespect to the Queen, but I don’t know much about her to send her a message.

14. If you were to say a prayer to heal the world how would it go.

Dear Lord, Please protect the children, make strong the weak, remove the evil in power and heal the hearts of hatred. May you bless those filled with love. Together may we progress and move forward in life and in love.

By Aremuorin

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What’s your view? Share this with someone! Pass it on. About time ..’

What’s your view? Share this with someone! Pass it on. About time ..’

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