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My first day in la la land and I struck a good #friendship with this one ..’ 

Hollywood was so much fun. Miss you my friend like a brother from another mother 😍🤗😣

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The force’s are dark but the power of love is brighter. A spark and marker for all of humanity. To live in a world where you are taunted for the colour of your skin, is depraved wickedness for all of humanity ..’

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I’ve stopped, trying to convince fools, now. I’m just here to tell them; that they are ..’

~ Aremuorin

Jesus’s best friend was a whore. He actually came from the house of whores. His nan, Rehab was a whore and great great great …. grandpa Abraham; before ‘Rahab’, the father of faith – had whores. One notably called Ketura.

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God did not tell you to judge anybody. LGBT and the white or black race included. TBH. What qualifies you?
You are just a wretched sinner like them if not worse. So, today. I’m waiting for the moon to reflect the sun on this one.

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By Anthony Everest
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