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Oh and if you think the bullshit can’t get any real, just check the crazy news from the country called Nigeria.

A place where pastors can build schools with congregation money and then set a fee that 75% of the congregation can’t pay because they are poor, and then the congregation complaines and the pastor invokes the wrath of God, because God actually told him to set the school fee so high that the poor in the house of God will not be able to pay for it.

Then there is the politics of rice, gari and tomatoes. You know, that kind of politics where politicians give 1kG of rice of gari to hungry masses just so they can vote for them and then starve them to death after that because the politicians have to recoup the money they use in buying rice and gari and tomatoes for the people.

And they also have to give tithes to the church so the pastors will tell their congregation not to vote for the politicians, and to be honest, who needs civil servant tithes where there are politicians offerings?

So, Nigeria has lowered the bar of stomach infrastructure now. It is so bad, I mean, Nigerians are so hungry and deluded that with bread and akara, you can actually become their president. Yes, all you have to do is offer them bread and akara, and bam! You own the key to aso rock.

Believe me, while you can at least cook 1kg of rice and gari for a week, break and akara will only last you a meal, and it cost about 50p in all.
Yes, that is how much it costs to control the political landscape in Nigeria, 50p.
Do you see why the “I have failed to make abroad” going back home? 

With the little savings they have, they can use that to live large among the poor and traumatise them. Okay, before you all come here and attack me (I better clear the air now or I will have The God of thunder at my doorstep).

When I said Nigerians, in as much as I mean, all you (because, while the educated middle class look on and ignore as if they are better off and failed to call out or challenge the system, the poor; that is, over 60% of the population – will collect akara and go and vote).

By Bisi Alimi

Produced by Àrèmúorin

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