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Met up with Actress & Producer Labake in London for a quick interview. She did not waste time with her answers. Made one more curious of what she had up her sleeves proverbially. She is quite shy off camera. This makes her endearing to fans.

Straight off the world premier of Sista Sista, we conversed like old pals. Love her but she suffers no fools. So tread carefully. In a world of sharks creatives like Làbáké are rear ..’

Here is the interview:

1. Who is Labake

Labake 003 - MercyfulGrace Blog

I’m a fun loving, life loving, girl next door…always happy to learn new things .. an explorer if you like .
2. What is the source to all this strength

Family is key obviously, but the recorded successes in the Nigerian movie industry, is the force that strengthens me and inspire me.

3. Why now

lt is time…Besides the industry needs me and I’m ready to go full throttle now.
Labake 002 - MercyfulGrace Blog

4. Where did you train

university of ABUJA… Nigeria. Where l bagged a bachelor of arts degree in theatre arts.

5. Who were your inspirers

Hollywood stars: Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington and Nigeria’s Patience Uzokwu

Labake 001 - MercyfulGrace Blog

6. What’s the most challenging part of

Filming in minus zero degree weather in the Uk… but then again it’s part of the job.

7. Next project?
l have scripts I’ve been going through….so please watch this space.

Labake 004 - MercyfulGrace Blog

8. How does Faith play out in showbiz for you
Asides from me being avery religious person ..I strongly believe faith brought me back to my comfort zone which is ACTING fourteen years long

9. Best kept secret
l’m naturally a shy person outside but behind the camera for whatever reason I feel extremely comfortable and in my element.

Labake 006 - MercyfulGrace Blog

10. 3 bad habits you want to curb
late night eating, serial shopper,??

11. Fav celebrity crush
if I was searching I would crush on Kalu Ikeagwu.

Labake 007 - MercyfulGrace Blog

12. Best get away
It has to be DUBAI

13. Your last Aha moment

the positive feed backs I got from the movie: SISTA SISTA
14 Say a prayer for humanity
I want peace in the world. Love all ALL… hate NONE

End of interview.

Thanks for the interview. You slay. Don’t stop. God bless you !!!!
By Aremuorin

#Light #Love #Power

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Remember Alex Gede #In14Ways #Fitness #Model

I grew up in a divided home. With my dad and my step mother, two brothers and a sister. Like every typical Nigerian family, mine was big. But I never felt like I belonged. Never felt much love. Never found my place.

I blamed it on my mother not being there for me. So I promised myself I’ll never raise my kids in a divided home. With that, I looked up to religion to keep me on the straight and narrow path.

I had my first relationship when I was 25 and she became my wife and the mother of my two kids. Life as I knew it was done. I’ve ticked all the boxes. Followed the rules to the end. Masters degree holder, my own house, married with two kids (a boy and a girl).

When my marriage failed. The world as I knew it came to an end. My life ended. My religion, family and friends didn’t help in any way, instead, they made things even more complicated and difficult.

I was dead and lost. Lost everything. I was gone completely. But because of my kids, I decided on hang on. Just when I thought I couldn’t anymore, I found fitness and wow has it given me a new life.

I gave up my old believes, most of my friends and family, my banking career and started something new.

After more than 2 years of reconstruction. I now have new goals, new beliefs, new friends and family and 2 years older kids.

My company A-Grade Fitness Ltd is growing stronger and stronger by the day, my new full time job doesn’t make me hate Mondays and the gym is my second home.

I’m Alex, Alex Gede and this is me.

I’m here to tell you that even at the last hour there is hope. After death is the reborn. Never give up, never stop fighting and don’t be afraid to leave people that feed you negative energy behind. It does not mean that they are necessarily bad people. They are just not fanning your flame.

I’m not done yet. I refuse to stop now. So watch this space and see for yourself (from a distance or close by, it’s up to you) what kind of man I’ll become.

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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On Nigeria – Latest

Full List of The Army Officers Compulsorily Retired On Friday By Muhammadu Buhari. 

They Are 90% Southerners. The Ethnic and Regional cleansing Continues:

Maj. Gen TC Ude (SE)

Maj. Gen LC Ilo (SE)

Maj. Gen IN Ijoma (SE)

Maj. Gen O Ejimai (SE)

Maj. Gen PAT Akem (SS)

Maj. Gen ED Atewe (SS)

Maj. Gen Letam Wiwa -Younger brother of murdered Environmental Rights activist and author, Ken Saro-Wiwa (SS)

Maj. Gen FO Alli (SS)

Maj. Gen Mobolaji Koleoso (SW)

Maj. Gen SD Aliyu (MB)

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#Religious #abuse is a #spiritual #crime. Should be #prosecuted to the #fullest #law. I #framed #love from it #with my #past ..' – #Aremuorin #MercyfulGrace #MercyfulGraceDiaries

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Maj. Gen MY Ibrahim

Brig. Gen GO Agachi (SE)

Brig. Gen Okonkwo (SE)

Brig. Gen Ogidi (SS)

Brig. Gen Koko Essien (SS)

Brig. Gen PE Ekpeyong (SS)

Brig. Gen Bright Fiboinumama (SS)

Brig. Gen. M. Onoyiveta (SS)

Brig. Gen IMD Lawson (SS)

Brig. Gen Oyefesobi (SW)

Brig. Gen AI Onibasa (SW)

Brig. Gen Bashir Mormo (SS)

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She is dope ..' #Repost #MercyfulGrace #MercyfulGraceDiaries #african #queen

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Brig. Gen AH Sa’ad (SS)-Former ADC to late President Musa Yar’adua

Brig. Gen MG Ali

Brig. Gen LN Bello

Brig. Gen D Abdusalam

Col. CK Ukoha (SE)

Col. OU Nwankwo (SE)

Col. Nicholas Achinze -Dasuki’s ADC (SE)

Col. Tonye F Minimah –Younger brother of former Chief of Army Staff, LT. 

General Kenneth Minimah (SS)

Col. FD Kayode (SW)

Col. Ojogbane Adegbe –ADC to former President Goodluck Jonathan (MB)

Col. Audu (MB)

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I talk it out …. My baby just cares for me ..' Photo Credit – Chung Wah Ng #MercyfulGrace #AnthonyEverest #NinaSimone

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Col. DR Hassan

Col. MA Suleiman

Lt. Col GC Nyekwu (SS)

Lt. Col C Enechukwu (SE)

Lt. Col CO Amadi (SE)

Lt. Col Adimoha (SS)

Lt. Col OC Egemode (SS)

Lt. Col TE Arigbe (SW)

Lt. Col TO Oladuntoye (SW)

Lt. Col Baba Ochankpa (MB)

Lt. Col DB Dazang (MB)

Lt. Col A Mohammed

Lt. Col AS Mohammed.

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Now President Buhari has serially, deceitfully and masterfully completed the configuration of the entire National Security structure/architecture firmly in the hands of the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani alone to the exclusion of all other ethnic blocs in Nigeria …. this is very, very dangerous for the South and for Northern Christians.
Chief of Army Staff ……. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani

Police IG ……….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

Minister for Defence ….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

Minister for Internal Affairs …… Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

National Security Adviser (NSA) ……… Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

DG, Department of State Services (DSS) ….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

Chief of Staff …… Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

ADC to President ……. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

CSO to President ….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

Protocol to President ….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

Private Secretary to President ……. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani

DG Customs ………. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

DG, EFCC ……. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

DG, Nigeria Prisons ….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

DG, Immigration …… Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

Minister for Petroleum …… Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

Minister for FCT …….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

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#Jealousy is the #root of #hatred ..' – #EviEdnaOgholi #MercyfulGrace #MercyfulGraceDiaries #Afrobeat #Reggae #inspirationalquotes #inspirationalwomen

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1. Head of National Assembly/Senate President …… Northern Muslim 

2. Head of Judiciary/Chief Justice of Nigeria ….. Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani 

3. Head, Federal Courts of Appeal …… Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
Can this be true?   Yes its true. 
Yet some people will not see anything bad with this arrangement and development. The intention of Mr President towards Nigerians is really manifesting in the lopsided appointments, the hegemonistic and mediaeval chauvinistic colonialism and Fulanization of Nigeria.

Pray and watch. Military is getting ready for Jihad and Islamization. Buhari is playing a script. God is on the  Throne watching. Will He keep quite?


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#Ease is a #greater #threat to #progress than "hardship ..' – Denzel Washington #Realtalk #lifequotes #mercyfulgrace #denzelwashington #Aremuorin

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with Guest Blogger – ‘Bisi Alimi’. - Bisi Alimi

Oh and if you think the bullshit can’t get any real, just check the crazy news from the country called Nigeria.

A place where pastors can build schools with congregation money and then set a fee that 75% of the congregation can’t pay because they are poor, and then the congregation complaines and the pastor invokes the wrath of God, because God actually told him to set the school fee so high that the poor in the house of God will not be able to pay for it.

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Great News. Nominated by #Afriff for Best Documentary and I'm featured in it ..' – Aremuorin #MercyfulGrace #afriff2016 #NollyWood #Aremuorin 'Migration of African Music' has been selected to participate in the documentary film competition of Africa International Film. #Festival #afriff2016 to be held 13th -20th November 2016. Screening will take place in Lagos, #Nigeria.

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Then there is the politics of rice, gari and tomatoes. You know, that kind of politics where politicians give 1kG of rice of gari to hungry masses just so they can vote for them and then starve them to death after that because the politicians have to recoup the money they use in buying rice and gari and tomatoes for the people.

And they also have to give tithes to the church so the pastors will tell their congregation not to vote for the politicians, and to be honest, who needs civil servant tithes where there are politicians offerings?

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with 76 Movie Premier – 'Ramsey Noauh' (The Lead Actor) & 'Aremuorin'. #MercyfulGrace #Aremuorin #nollywood #Actor #Premier #Love #Africa #Hollywood #MercyfulGraceDiaries #ramseynouah

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So, Nigeria has lowered the bar of stomach infrastructure now. It is so bad, I mean, Nigerians are so hungry and deluded that with bread and akara, you can actually become their president. Yes, all you have to do is offer them bread and akara, and bam! You own the key to aso rock.

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I thought by going to church I'd meet genuine people. What a joke ..' Might as well stay home, study the bible and wait on the Holy Ghost ..' #MercyfulGrace #SelfRighteous #Liars

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Believe me, while you can at least cook 1kg of rice and gari for a week, break and akara will only last you a meal, and it cost about 50p in all.
Yes, that is how much it costs to control the political landscape in Nigeria, 50p.
Do you see why the “I have failed to make abroad” going back home? 

With the little savings they have, they can use that to live large among the poor and traumatise them. Okay, before you all come here and attack me (I better clear the air now or I will have The God of thunder at my doorstep).

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I'm not in agrreance with her views on procreation privileges ..' – #MercyfulGrace #DrFrancisCressWelsing #isispapers More @ #Love #BLM #blacklivesmatter #AllLivesMatter #Men #prejudice #feminism #race #procreation #parenting #fatherthood #motherhood #communication #communities #HumanRights #Rights #equilibrium #isis #privilege #HughGrant #Celebrity #peace

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When I said Nigerians, in as much as I mean, all you (because, while the educated middle class look on and ignore as if they are better off and failed to call out or challenge the system, the poor; that is, over 60% of the population – will collect akara and go and vote).

By Bisi Alimi

Produced by Àrèmúorin

#MercyfulGrace #Nigeria #Politics

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with Nigerian – ‘Petroleum Deregulation’


Someone wrote:

I bought my SIM card with number for 30,000 NAIRA. I made calls 70/per minute, whether it was 25 seconds or 60 seconds. Then MTN held sway.

Glo came. Econet came. Other Telecom companies came. All of a sudden, the price of SIM cards crashed to 3000 and 1000 NAIRA and then nothing! The telecom companies started begging us to pick up their SIM cards for free.


And now, I don’t even know what MTN charges for a minute’s call again. It’s something I take for granted. But in 2004, I always checked my account balance to see how many minute’s call my airtime could sustain. I do not have that worry today.

Competition in the sector has driven down the cost of everything. If my MTN line misbehaves, I buy airtime on my Glo network and make calls from there. There were times when MTN gave me bonuses whenever I had dropped their SIM for other networks just to woo me back.

Occasionally, MTN will role incentives, promos and packages to reward my loyalty. Other telecom companies do the same. The endpoint is always to keep their customers happy and hooked to their brands and services.

All that happened because President Obasanjo deregulated the sector. It appeared a crazy idea when he did it, in fact, the cost we borne was humungous. But all that has eased out to usher in an era of choice that comes with comparative ease today.

If you support the government’s deregulation of the petroleum sector, though initially things will be tough, but ultimately, it will bring happiness just as we experienced in the telecom sector.


Have you ever imagined a situation where independent marketers will fall over their necks just to have you buy fuel in their stations? And then, you, the buyer, will make your yanga whether to buy in station A or B, if their price, quality and quantity is right.

That time will come, and sooner than we expect. So let’s endure the pain of deregulation to enjoy the gain that is sure to come.

By Olu Adegoke & Aremuorin


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MercyfulGrace Diaries with Olu Adegoke – ‘Jonathan Goodluck’


– In Britain, Jonathan could be banned from holding political office for life

– In China, Jonathan’s head would be chopped off

– In Iraq, Jonathan would be stoned and later hanged

– In Israel, the Jews will Nail him to the cross

– In Saudi Arabia, they will cut off his hands

– In the US, Jonathan could be declared public enemy number 1, and jailed for 100 years if he is lucky the Democrats are in power, that is after he has spent some time at Alcatraz and GITMO bay. The Republicans would send him to the Gas chamber.

– In Some parts of Nigeria, Jonathan would be given Chieftain titles, Oh!!!! I forgot they already made him Azikwe. Some stupid Yoruba Oba prayed for him.

The guy literally and sheepishly opened the national treasury for his cronies to loot as if today will never come; yet some buffoons are shouting and complaining about the current state of the country.

Unless and until we take serious action against corruption, we shall keep complaining forever. We should massively ask for the Death Penalty for stealing or helping to loot public funds.

By Olu Adegoke

#MercyfulGrace #Repost


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MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Boko Haram’- Stainless …’ by Aremuorin

Paris is not the only one -

Paris Is Not The Only One

I just got this photo from a foreign media it happened yesterday in Nigeria. Killings by Boko Haram is now on daily basis but I wonder why the media in Nigeria is not telling us, reasons because they are so in grossed with biased reportage because its an APC government



But during GEJ every killing by the boko boys was blown out of proportion. It’s really sad but I thank God that the hardship and harsh economic situation we are in now is not selective. It doesn’t know who is APC or PDP let us be suffering and smiling say’s BUHARI. May the souls of these kids R.I.P. 

Via – Stainless Jwm, Pourt Harcout – Nigeria 

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