MercyfulGrace Diaries with The Foot Bridge – ‘To the Death of School Kids’.

Just picked up this story. In the light of my outrage towards homophobic African leaders, it’s clear that the fuss is a mare distraction; from real issues, that affect livelihoods, socially and economically – like this tragedy ..’ Murderers no less. – Footbridge 5

Children’s going to school just to get education using this wooden bridge as a passage  and unfortunately the bridge fell down with them which cause them to loose their lives. R.I.P to them. Shame for African leaders to see. – Footbridge 4

Greed and political corruption leads to these tragedies ..’ - Footbridge 3

While these barbaric politicians have mansions and swiss accounts abroad they cant build a simple footpath !!! - Footbridge 2

Evil !!!! Yet they have a lot to say to hypocritically crucify the lgbt communities in Africa. This is murder its self. – Footbridge

By Aremuorin

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