Kids Quizzed on Gay Marriages #In14Ways #Lgbtqia #MercyfulGrace

Written by Aremuorin

A bunch of kids were asked their feelings about gay marriages. You will be surprised, entertained and informed at the same time by their responses. It made my day. Do not underestimate how intelligent kids are.

Well – I don’t know about this guardian article necessarily educating some of us, personally, on what we already know about Africa’s hypocrisy, and/or ignorance, on homophobia ..’

I think when women reduce men to sperm, when men degrade women to the kitchen, when homophobes reduce lgbtqia folks, to aids, and when we think Pastor’s and all those who go to #Church are saints; I think, we’ve lost the plot.

However, I know that God is love and it don’t matter where you been, as long as you come to him. He does the regeneration ..’ Not you, or I, or them ..’

The great thing about God is, he is the best wifi service available. You just first need to get a signal.

That’s why he sent Jesus, and after that, the Holy Spirit, to guide you – when you’ve lost reception.

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with The Foot Bridge – ‘To the Death of School Kids’.

Just picked up this story. In the light of my outrage towards homophobic African leaders, it’s clear that the fuss is a mare distraction; from real issues, that affect livelihoods, socially and economically – like this tragedy ..’ Murderers no less. – Footbridge 5

Children’s going to school just to get education using this wooden bridge as a passage  and unfortunately the bridge fell down with them which cause them to loose their lives. R.I.P to them. Shame for African leaders to see. – Footbridge 4

Greed and political corruption leads to these tragedies ..’ - Footbridge 3

While these barbaric politicians have mansions and swiss accounts abroad they cant build a simple footpath !!! - Footbridge 2

Evil !!!! Yet they have a lot to say to hypocritically crucify the lgbt communities in Africa. This is murder its self. – Footbridge

By Aremuorin

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