MercyfulGrace Diaries with Dr. Francis Cress Welsing – ‘ISIS Papers’.

Who is this narcissistic opinionated writer? I’m not in agreeance with procreation privileges.

Slow down playing God. Procreation is a right and act of God. Obviously it has great responsibilities.

Here is where BLM gets politically incorrect. Theres nothing above love. How can you demand respect you arent willing to give?

The love you give is what you get. Nobody owns love. Its freely given and can not be bought or sold ..’

I think its implied that white supremacists are taking notes, too; because pillaging and plundering other races non stop is an inevitable war zone with savage diabolical consequences for everyone.

I’m picking up on her view on procreation. It jarred me and ressurrected a nasty experience from a very once upon a time friend who was a feminist – from a male perspective.

As I learn her views were written in the 60s as a behevourial scientist, at a time of a different school of thought, I will be kind. However, the people from that generation are still alive.

The feminist I mentioned was born in that era. So I’m on track. And this school of thought is dangerously still current.

This doctors science and my faith in humanities, disagrees with her. I dont like that attitude towards men. What about women who cant protect their children or men from white supremacy? Lets start with my mother ..’

Women who emasculate men are just as guilty. Thats why I love my Grandmother. They dont make them like her anymore. - My Grandmother. She Loves Her Bible. – My Grandmother. She Loves Her Bible.

Rare like fine wine. She raised 9 beautiful kids and made millionaires out of some of them. Never heard her moan about a man but defend their honour. Including mine. Even before I knew what she was doing. Till today. She does, all the way from Africa. – THE ISIS PAPERS

Some blacks are the most evil whitesupremists with no soul. Totally programmed, brainwashed with self hate and emptied of love. They are male and they are female. Takes both species to protect or procreate and from every race for the human race. Lets not masturbate the truth. 

God works in mysyerious ways. Reminds me of the dispicable, evil, white supremacist, slave master – who wrote ‘Amazing Grace’. Deep. Imagine!

By Aremuorin

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