MercyfulGrace Diaries with Those Phony – ‘Religious People’.

Realisation ..’

After 3 decades in the Xtain faith. It’s finally dawned on me that not everyone that says they are a Xtain, are Xtains.

Some of them are in it for the same reasons; some followed Jesus for the bread, and fish. Not because they loved him and he told them. He told them even more so –

‘Not all that call me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of God ..’

Some Xtains have more jealousy than the devil. I delete these mofos and b@##$es off my timeline and out of my life for good. 

Manipulative liars ..’

If you think because you are a christain you can come on my timeline and chat rubbish, playing perfect; I will delete and block your ass, then send you back to where you came from. 

Mofos and b#$ches be up on condemnation rants like they own God or something. Really? New day. 
No more bull. Take it elsewhere. My relationship is btw me and Jesus. Not you. Get yourselves checked before coming here to talk out of your backsides ..’

The harassment and indignation I had to suffer from these criminals is apathetic. I could not describe how it makes me feel. I think of them as theives.

This craziness has nothing to do with what Jesus taught than loving your neighbours as yourself. The ultimate commandment. How did that become condemnation. That’s not christianity ..’

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What’s your view? Share this with someone! Dont wait. Pass it on ..’

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