MercyfulGrace Diaries with Hollywood – ‘Purple Reign’


Are you here

In 2013 – I was excited about going to Hollywood –

A random person told me at Troy Bar – ‘You that you like God – you are going to Hollywood. They don’t like God; there. You would see’. I was oblivious to it. It just clicked now. Real talk.

God saved me. I woke up the next day in Hollywood sick as a dog and three weeks straight. Could do nothing.

Barely picked up my award and got home safe the fourth week. Dear God. I dodged that bullet. The last 7 days, was my recovery; and my best memories.


God is real whether you believe it or not. How can I deny it when I do great things through him when I channel him.

Why wont I when he speaks to me and has revealed himself to me. He has even shown me the road to hell and the road to heaven. He even toook me there. I walked and stood on these grounds.


Love -

If you dont have the grace of God in the world we live in today, you would struggle. When you are in he’ll; dont expect snow cakes to fall.

My faith is so strong and innate; constantly, inconsistent, with norms – but that’s who God is. Amen

It’s not up to you to judge or Joe blogs but God ..’ #MercyfulGrace

By Aremuorin


(C) 2016 MercyfulGrace
All Rights Reserved

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