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Sometimes, it’s hard to be genuinely, nice without getting it twisted; by cynics, but since, I’ve learned to travel light; and travel fast. Love rules, my waves. This way paves. My way to live, love, and live again. On MG’s 700th post today.

I refuse to love this hate. It’s not what I was called to be. Not my portion. Not my vision. Not my mission.

I refuse to ‘remain ignorant. It’s not my destiny. Not my calling. Not my inspiration.

I refuse to stay judgmental. It’s not my mercy. Not my salvation. Not my redemption.

Oh you religious fanatics have hurt a plethora no of people. They have turned away, from your synagogues and shunned your chapels.

A loveless religion is a Godless religion. Do you think because they call you pastor; means you are the one. Or do you think because you go to church; every day, means, you are saved from hell?

How about love? Where is the love? What happened to your love. There is more to love than 66 books – in the name of the ‘Holy Spirit’ – written by, and; produced by, you.

One of those books; said ‘Many who are the first, shall be the last on that day, and many who are the last; shall be the first’ .

Mercy – don’t pass me by; oh great Jehovah ..’



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