MercyfulGrace Diaries with Crazy – ‘Beautiful Thing’


Not even the Pope is perfect but he gives great hope ..’

However, you are exactly a reflection of those, who, you surround yourself with.

When you see bull*hit and you embrace it, you are telling the universe; it’s okay to be bull*hit.

Fire burn lucifer. The devil is not going to lock me out or block me from my blessings. Crafty little ugly thing. That devious incessant crononological liar. Try again. Wrong no!

Thank you Jesus for the Holy Ghost. Thank you Holy Trinity. Thank you God. I see now why you say this is  your son in whom you are well pleased.

Fire burn Lucifer. What you call crazy is a spiritual seperation from a spiritual death by the almighty; testifying to ‘His Great works’, purpose, and great love for his; chosen one’s.

Gods time of elevation is Gods time of preservation ..’ His ways are always just, upright and forethought.

By Aremuorin



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