MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Bad Religion’ – And The Institution (Part 5) by Aremuorin

God Is Love -

Think, Ask, Believe, Receive ..’ – Anthony Everest

No one is perfect. Let no one make you feel small. It’s only by Grace that we enter, and not by own self righteousnesses. God’s love is everlasting, to everlasting; revealed through some amazing people, who were here before us – like Jesus. His legacy, thou – is matchless – and finite, on a personal note. #HaveYouForgotten #BadReligion #WhoAmIToJudge. 

As I write, these words, I feel an overwhelming, warmth; of love from her, retrospectively, towards our Lord Jesus – and vice versa. Jesus is dope! I could only imagine how deep and tight they were – till the bitter end. And I believe, that bond, was a spiritual bond. A sacred bond. A self fulling prophecy – of the bride and her Groom.

Mary Magdalene – was the real world – who needed redemption. It’s her testimony that validates Christ’s mission of redemption and reconciliation of men back to God. Those are the kind of people you should engage – more necessarily, lovingly – in truth; to share the love and plan of the almighty, for restoration, cohesion and unity. Everybody is a sinner and convicted under Gods Laws. No one measures up, save the Graces God showers – un end.

God Is Love2 -

I’m stirred and overcome with emotion; to fathom; that love, of a saviour, who came – to bare it all, laying it all down on the cross – for mare mortals and whores like Mary Magdalene. Thank You Jesus ..’  The HOLY SPIRIT, thou, is key. The Holy Spirit breaks it all down. Makes it all, cinematically clear – in every single act of your dwellings and psychy.

He finished everything the devil did, does or still, proposes to do – till the end of time. That’s faith – my friend, when you believe and invite him into you heart and life. You’re experiences will be a gradual, or sudden supernatural – take over. Then; every thing will shift, or take over.  It’s beyond hope. Its Love* and it was freely given – to us. That’s why they say – the best things in life, are free! Amen. Salvation is free.

@AnthonyEverest - MercyfulGrace

The same grace that excuses them, excuses you – too. Only a fool would say its not true. Mercy. The love, and free will, that God gave to mankind is unprecedented, throughout, the human race. Who, just; would give such great love, compassion, and mercy, and grace, for reconciliation; then lay his own – only, begotten son, as a sacrifice; for atonement, for his own creations, misdeeds. I know only one who came close – Abraham; the father of faith!  Thats love*. That is deep, when you take time out; to process, it. After all he is God. He could take it all away, in an instant.

@AnthonyEverest -

He is the author of life and death. I’m subdued and humbled by the thought.  So, why would you stand in judgement, of another fellow, human being; when you are no better, save Gods Grace? We don’t have to do this all day ..’. Whether it’s politics or religion. It’s the same plot. They are just simply different characters. All hail the institutions of hypocrisy.

This one goes out to all the absolutes – in their self profession of absolute perfection and condescending airs that they’ve never lived up to ..’ #Illuminate this ..’ The joke – The shade ..’ Mercy!

To be continued ..’

— with Anthony Everest.


Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X Multi Award Nominee :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::

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