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What Is The Truth

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MercyfulGrace Diaries With 'What' - Is The Truth? - by  Àrèmúorin

Message for religious folks,

Who are too busy, being self righteous.

Fix up – before you fix someone else ..’

That’s why, no one wants to hear you !!!

How about Love? Now – what would love do !!! - KissMeBaby (Reloaded) Out 140215

Is the truth, the Bible, the Quoran or the Torah?

The truth is, none of those matter, without love*;

Because the truth is always in Love*.

What would love do?

If it’s not about loving – keep it moving  …’



I filtered my thoughts today.

I wrote a story about love.

Told success you were mine.

#Captivated Red Carpet -

Rejoiced that it had lifted songs of freedom.

And danced tonight

You are, what you are

I lived what I was

Now I am filtered

Now I’ve filtered

Life Quote - Love, (2)

And To All My Friends

Don’t trouble,

Trouble, so trouble,

Won’t trouble, you.

@AnthonyEverest - #KissMeBabyEp Promo

Hope your week is winding into a fruitful one!

Stay with Love*.  It’ll always win


What Is The Truth? -

If you can find the faith

When everything else fails

I think you are my hero.

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