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Homophobia - Havard Study -

Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future. Let the church say amen ..’ – Phaedra Parks

As far as I am concerned, as a christian believer – every time I delve into this issue, I am torn within, because at the bottom of it all, its all about love, hypocrisy and self righteous people trying to work it out.

The danger with religion here is that – Religion has victimized, oppressed, vilified so many lives, out of social conditioning, cultures and various socio-economic political agendas. Aside the long fancy words ..’ What would loved do? That’s what, I would, myself, over and over again ..’

Jesus Vs Homophobia -

If Jesus befriended a whore, his best friend, knowing his Nan was a whore – who are you to judge or condemn? I mean, who is perfect? And before you run off with your – come back ‘Gay Agenda’. There is no gay agenda on this thread. The only agenda here-is Love. The Love Agenda!

I love misfits

Every saint has a past. Every sinner has a future. Let the church say amen ..’ So when I found this research, the debates, the threads sparked off – became more fascinating, than ever. Before, I tell them, Lord, please tell me. A religion, without love, is like hate, without Love*.

Another contentious – argument that Christians like-to challenge misfits, with is Jesus said – ‘Go Sin No More’ – to the adulterous woman. True that, but he also said – ”You without sin, cast the first stone”.

@Anthony Everest -

By the time you comb the bible out from top to bottom – you would find out that – every single one of those prophets or people you are preaching on, were not perfect. From Abraham, the father of faith who had concubines, to Moses who parted the red sea, the murderer, who was stubborn as a mewl.

So I say again – ‘You without sin, cast the first stone ..’

The Study 

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