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I just realized I don’t add Arranger unto my cv ..’. My business coach told me to remove ‘veteran’ from my website’s. It makes me sound old. I’m anything but old he told me.
We both agreed, that I am very, very contemporary ..’ – Was having a meeting a couple days ago.

It was our fourth. He only told me he was Jewish, on the day. The seeded truth unravaled to me as to why his pessimism about #WhitePrivileges working against African’s, stays rooted; in spite of all the facts before him ..’
Higher truths - Aremuorin
I realized my work is cut out. If an MBA Business grad who is a trained business coach & psychologist, does not, know this, what is the hope for humanity. Particularly, people of minority races, non white trained business psychology experts, and people who are still fast asleep


Very soon they would allude that gut instincts is not a fact, but just an opinion – like God.

slavery choice - kanye west - aremuorin 497480441..jpg


I actually hate that word. Minority – Nobody is a minority. We are equal and human. Humans are the ones who disrespectfully dehumanize; and rob one another of their dignity in the name of self preservation and greed en wrapped in wickedness ..’ – #In14Ways

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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Wickedness: H&M, Racism & Cops ..’

If your long and distant objective is worthy of a long road, don’t try getting there by short cuts that transgress the rights of others …’ – Whitney Houston

I gave vivid accounts so those who don’t see it can see it now ..’ – Aremuorin

The subliminal seeds of discord sown by western influence on African soils socio-politically; psychologically and subliminally; still makes it pandemic-ally possible to stunt the continent’s growth economically like witchcraft. Even, within the diaspora.

You then wonder why Africans don’t clock the game and unite. This is a mental war game etching away the very weaving fabric of humanity.

As long as white privilege is perceived and championed as the status quo, racism is going no where. Otherwise, white supremacists, would have fessed up their evil systemic lies by now to the whole world and to their own putting an end to the fasad.

Life is not white privilege - More @ MercyfulGrace Blog

White Privilege – More

Africans are getting no reparations soon unlike the Jews until they learn self love, unity and put God first.

Like I said multiple times – ‘I don’t need the Pope to find God’. White Jesus can leave me alone now. I thrashed that in 2017 with 2017.

Christianity was in Africa before White Jesus showed up. So what the hell. Explain to me the demonics of slavery; it’s ebonics, and of the mind again? Anything that does not look like White Jesus is a threat to White Jesus.

I feel bad and awful for White folks who aren’t racist who just want to get on; and along, with everyone. It reminds me when I am running for the bus, upset-tingly getting stopped, or racially profiled as a drug dealer by White Jesus, and the police.

Anthony Everest - Racism - H&M

On boxing day I was a victim of a hit and run by a white male in a car with no break lights who ran off. On arrival of the Police (White Jesus) they declined to record the incident saying they don’t believe there was a collision.

Really? ‘I have a witness to it who is the reason why I am alive’ – I explained. I would have been crushed. My witness is the one who pulled me quickly out of the way. I got hit by the thigh and suffered, thankfully only minor injuries but ended in hospital – still.

H&M Racist Pic

Racism: H&M’s recent add campaign that left a sour taste in our mouth – yet again ..’

Police (White Jesus) said the culprits friend controls the cctv and there is no footage; that nothing is going to happen so I should stop wasting my time. He added that the crime is over. I am pretty sure when he runs someone over who looks like White Jesus or the Police the crime will be recorded, and believed.

Even the culprit came out of the car to admit he had no break lights that’s why he hit me before he ran off when I took his car plate registration no.

If I as a black man hit a white person (White Jesus) with a car with no break lights, and ran off, I’d be the one in jail and the there would be a cctv footage.

Pro White For Pro Life -

Pro White For Pro Life – more @

So when the new H&M ad campaign; with a black kid called the coolest monkey in the jungle; backlash erupted again with denials of racial innuendos of prejudice by H&M: propagated with the help of main stream media: I’m like – ‘Yea, yea – I believe Hitler is Mexican and he built the Eifle tower, too’.

But here is the thing we blacks will still potentially buy from H&M again; cuz we don’t listen, watch and learn like the Jews. It’s not the first time to experience this systemic below the belt racial jibes.

Racsim2 - MercyfulGrace Blog

Products Promoting Racial Bias & Stereotypes More @

Racism, More @ MercyfulGrace blog

Products Promoting Racial Bias & Stereotypes More @

Some blacks are still going to buy designers and brag about them when some of those brands don’t even give a rats about them but their money. Taking from them the very tools they possess to build their own brands only to be used against them psychologically; buttressed with social stigmatization, and economic oppression.

Racsim3 - MercyfulGrace Blog

It does not get more racist than this ..’ More @

Whether you are black or white you should be outraged enough to feel empathy for humanity enough to warrant change for where peace, love and harmony reigns.

Gap Campaign - Racism - MercyfulGrace Blog

And you remember this campaign from Gap. Same old passive racism ..’ More @

May the love of God sooth again. Amen ..’

Here is H&M’s Apology:

“We would like to put on record our position in relation to the image and promotion of a children’s sweater, and the ensuing response and criticism.

Our position is simple and unequivocal – we have got this wrong and we are deeply sorry.

H&M is fully committed to playing its part in addressing society’s issues and problems, whether it’s diversity, working conditions or environmental protection – and many others. Our standards are high and we feel that we have made real progress over the years in playing our part in promoting diversity and inclusion. But we clearly haven’t come far enough.

We agree with all the criticism that this has generated – we have got this wrong and we agree that, even if unintentional, passive or casual racism needs to be eradicated wherever it exists. We appreciate the support of those who have seen that our product and promotion were not intended to cause offense but, as a global brand, we have a responsibility to be aware of and attuned to all racial and cultural sensitivities – and we have not lived up to this responsibility this time.

This incident is accidental in nature, but this doesn’t mean we don’t take it extremely seriously or understand the upset and discomfort it has caused.

We have taken down the image and we have removed the garment in question from sale. It will be recycled.

We will now be doing everything we possibly can to prevent this from happening again in future.

Racism and bias in any shape or form, conscious or unconscious, deliberate or accidental, are simply unacceptable and need to be eradicated from society. In this instance we have not been sensitive enough to this agenda.

Please accept our humble apologies”.

White Privilege -

White Privilege –


After conversation’s with varied opinions and having a feel for the complexities within multiculturalism and race relations; in my personal view. I have learned that the collective acts of subtle, passive and subliminal racism left people of color to be passive themselves, and / or playing games to survive. A dangerous blurry line to thread. As for those who insist it does not exist. Hear this:

When the script is flipped watch how ‘White Jesus and her tribe(s)’ switch their narratives. However, when it’s an expression of people of color’s, lived chorused challenges; experience-wise, it’s always argued, or implied to be an over reaction by White Jesus and her tribe(s). Question is Why? Could it be guilt, denial or irrational fear?

Don’t come for me with it if you know you don’t want it. Keep it where the sun won’t shine. Too done with for that ..’ –

When black artistes stop rapping about ‘Gucci and Bitches’ on their records maybe the system will stop killing us!

by Anthony Everest

More @

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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Queen Charlotte – ‘First Black Queen of England’. #QueenCharlotte #Aremuorin #MercyfulGrace

Written by Aremuorin

Saw this post on Facebook and had to re share. Facsinating !!! While some critics allude to the fact that it is un substantiative, I marvel, at their ignorance:

“There were Black people here when the Romans arrived, so she probably was not the first.”

My stance is

“Well, until there is evidence otherwise, snap! She is. Notably and worthy. A Queen all the way. This is not flattery.”


Princess Sophie Charlotte was born in 1744. She was the first Black Queen of England.

Charlotte was the eighth child of the Prince of Mirow, Germany, Charles Louis Frederick, and his wife, Elisabeth Albertina of Saxe-Hildburghausen. In 1752, when she was eight years old, Sophie Charlotte’s father died. As princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Sophie Charlotte was descended directly from an African branch of the Portuguese Royal House, Margarita de Castro y Sousa.

Six different lines can be traced from Princess Sophie Charlotte back to Margarita de Castro y Sousa. She married George III of England on September 8, 1761, at the Chapel Royal in St James’s Palace, London, at the age of 17 years of age becoming the Queen of England and Ireland.


There were conditions in the contract for marriage, ‘The young princess, join the Anglican church and be married according to Anglican rites, and never ever involve herself in politics’.

Aremuorin - Love Quote.jpg

Although the Queen had an interest in what was happening in the world, especially the war in America, she fulfilled her marital agreement. The Royal couple had fifteen children, thirteen of whom survived to adulthood. Their fourth eldest son was Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent, later fathered Queen Victoria.

Srlf hate - MercyfulGrace.jpg

Queen Charlotte made many contributions to Britain as it is today, though the evidence is not obvious or well publicized. Her African bloodline in the British royal family is not common knowledge.

Portraits of the Queen had been reduced to fiction of the Black Magi, until two art historians suggested that the definite African features of the paintings derived from actual subjects, not the minds of painters.


In Queen Charlotte’s era slavery was prevalent and the anti-slavery campaign was growing. Portrait painters of the royal family were expected to play down or soften Queen Charlotte’s African features.

Painters such as Sir Thomas Lawrence, who painted, Queen Charlotte in the autumn of 1789 had their paintings rejected by the royal couple who were not happy with the representations of the likeness of the Queen.


These portraits are amongst those that are available to view now, which could be seen as continuing the political interests of those that disapprove of a multi-racial royal family for Britain. Sir Allan Ramsey produced the most African representations of the Queen and was responsible for the majority of the paintings of the Queen.


Ramsey’s inclination to paint truer versions of the Queen could be seen to have come from being ‘an anti-slavery intellectual of his day.

The Coronation painting by Ramsey, of the Queen was sent out to the colonies/commonwealth and played a subtle political role in the anti-slavery movement. Johann Zoffany also frequently painted the Royal family in informal family scenes.


Queen Charlotte was a learned character, her letters indicate that she was well read and had interests in the fine arts. The Queen is known to have supported and been taught music by Johann Christian Bach. She was extremely generous to Bach’s wife after Bach’s death. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, at aged eight dedicated his Opus 3 piece to the Queen at her request.

Love -

Also an amateur botanist, Queen Charlotte helped to establish Kew Gardens bringing amongst others the Strelitzia Reginae, a flowering plant from South Africa.

The Queen who had the first one in her house in 1800 introduced the Christmas tree to England. It was said to be decorated with, ‘sweetmeats, almonds and raisins in papers, fruit and toys. Also the Queen Charlotte Maternity hospital was established in London. Set up as a charitable institution, it is the oldest maternity care institution in England.


Queen Charlotte died on November 17, 1818 at Dutch House in Surrey, now Kew Palace, in the presence of her eldest son, the Prince Regent. She is buried at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.

The only private writings that have survived are Queen Charlotte’s 444 letters to her closest confidant her older brother, Charles II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. On 23 May 1773 in a letter, the Queen felt she was in a position of privilege yet a task.

Her Christian faith was a protection and a method of endurance, as she quotes from the Bible and recognizes her role as a royal of God beyond her royal role on earth.

Aremuorin - Smile.gif

An exhibition took place in 2004, at the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace displaying Charlotte and George’s collections and tastes in the arts. Queen Charlotte was the great great-great grandmother of the present Queen Elizabeth II who still lives in the expanded Buckingham House, now Buckingham Palace. Kew gardens still flourishes and is always being expanded, also the Queen Charlotte maternity hospital and many other places still carry her name in honor globally such as Charlotte town, Canada and Fort Charlotte, St Vincent, West Indies.

Just like you, there are many more in the dark. Share this ray of light with them, now. Now that you know ..’

External Refs – Wikipedia

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Produced by Aremuorin

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘What’ – Is The Truth by ..’ Àrèmúorin

What Is The Truth

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MercyfulGrace Diaries With 'What' - Is The Truth? - by  Àrèmúorin

Message for religious folks,

Who are too busy, being self righteous.

Fix up – before you fix someone else ..’

That’s why, no one wants to hear you !!!

How about Love? Now – what would love do !!! - KissMeBaby (Reloaded) Out 140215

Is the truth, the Bible, the Quoran or the Torah?

The truth is, none of those matter, without love*;

Because the truth is always in Love*.

What would love do?

If it’s not about loving – keep it moving  …’



I filtered my thoughts today.

I wrote a story about love.

Told success you were mine.

#Captivated Red Carpet -

Rejoiced that it had lifted songs of freedom.

And danced tonight

You are, what you are

I lived what I was

Now I am filtered

Now I’ve filtered

Life Quote - Love, (2)

And To All My Friends

Don’t trouble,

Trouble, so trouble,

Won’t trouble, you.

@AnthonyEverest - #KissMeBabyEp Promo

Hope your week is winding into a fruitful one!

Stay with Love*.  It’ll always win


What Is The Truth? -

If you can find the faith

When everything else fails

I think you are my hero.

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MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Gods Faithfulness’ – Through Jesus by Aremuorin

Your Hand Of Mercy by Aremuorin - Anthony EverestSome people have everything yet they have nothing ..’ – Celine Dion 

I may not look like it. I may not talk like it. I may not walk like it. But I believe this – it gets easy when you believe. With Jesus, it gets easier day by day. It gets better. I have so many revelations – and I’m not kidding.

I know what time it is.Jesus is real. He is one heck of a master planner. Faithful to those who give their hearts to him.

Not by work of righteousness, but by his un-meritorious grace – that’s new like, mercies every morning. Talking with God daily is no mean fit. Then, you come to know his grace, his pace and his – purpose – for you*.

I dote on this daily – cuz I know, where else, would I be? He loves me so much* – I can’t thank him enough. I’m one lucky child. I should not even be here. Jesus is the Son of God. And mercy is the name of Jesus*. Get to know him. Every word is true. ::) Xx

Mercyfulgrace​ :: There’s only one person who defends my honour and pride, when all else fails and they don’t want to know. He even sends me nicer people than before. Resourceful, reliable, dependable, honourable, and it humbles me. I better make the whole world know about it. He is God. Alpha, omega, beginning and the end.

Nothing in between; is a mystery to him. Just my believing faith. Mercy! Not everyone who comes into your life is meant to stay, and not every who partakes in it, is meant to share, in your dreams, and your realities.

Until you learn to ignore insults you won’t reach your destination if you choose to retaliate with vengeance o’er everyone throwing stones and below the belt jibes ..’

When I think of Gods faithfulness and love – sometimes, all I want to do is cry …’

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer  :: No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts ::

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Occasionally, some of your visitors may see an a

Sometimes some people don’t want to see the truth :: but :: that is the truth!

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest

If you really knew – would you really like to know?

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest

MercyfulGrace Diaries with Hard Talk – ‘Real Truths’

‘The Enemy has many vices – but Love* will flush them out’  – Àrèmúorin

Thank God for Blogs – for processing. I don’t like off loading on my official music pages – becuz they can stir non spiritual people, the un assumed way.

Where as, on here, I can have a good heart to heart with my real friends, those I’m acquainted with and spiritualists, alike. Yes, folks, say I should edit my timelines, and not get (too) personal.

But really, I’ve seen too much and know a lot. This will only feed the fear. Despite, I still speak – unless God Says No! I’m not ashamed of my faith, I just, respect other views, too. Praise God! There is nothing, that there is, that is sustained, without Love*

So, I was (meditating) /worshiping God, rehearsing – for tomorrows, gospel gig and it occurred to me that – TD Jakes said something’ – in one of his sermons.

Many people come to church for different reasons. Some to hear good music, some because of the vibe, some because of the flesh and etc. I heard it but didn’t process it. Suddenly, tonight I did. 


Some people do come to me; drawn to me, not because they care; or feel the music, or be a true friend, or fellowship, or share, or give but because of what they can get, take or steal and so forth. Mercy!

So I realised, even my music ministry with all its other talents, are the same. Time to wise up and realise. I mean – it’s not that I am that naive – it’s just that I take it too much for granted, sometimes!


Now – Validation and approval does not come from your friends, peers and mates. It comes from within. That’s where the truth lies – when you’ve found it.

And the reason why it’s that, is – some of those folks – are jealous, insecure, unhappy, fake smiling and back stabbing you anyway. So, why would their opinions count. The only person that can deceive you the most is you.

The funny thing about it is that – despite it all. I’ll never change me, only for the better. Cuz I love me. I have a good heart and God see’s my heart. I rather be alone where the enemy can’t influence me, in the presence of God.

Cuz I felt darn good in my kitchen just now – singing and giving thanks, worshiping my maker, doing my thing. And that ain’t no lie.

‘Living a Charade – Always on Parade’ – Karen McManus (The Real Me)

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest  is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer & 7X multi award nominee. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts

Karen McManus is a Gospel Singer from United Kingdom with (Gospel Rock Ministries)

©2014 MercyfulGrace All Rights Reserved 

The truth is love. Not games, manipulation and back stabbings.

The truth is always within. No one else can find it for you …