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On this very evening – compromise was born ..’

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Everybody – compromises. The word is Eve. On this very evening – compromise was born ..’ Long, long ago – in Eden :: Politics is a compromise. So is religion, likewise, crime. Religion & Politics are both crimes ..’ Now, that’s compromise (for you). Don’t start with me. The doubt is not on my radar – as of today! If you say, you can leave that Voodoo in your head ..’ You need it  more than I do. Well, I know :: Little miracles happen everyday, and they are not always the same. They happen in miraculous – places, spaces and time. So, why don’t you start praying for her. Eve. There she is. Show her some mercy. She’s a sinner just like you ..’ What evil did Eve do so bad why she has to be unforgiven & forgotten?

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