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Let me say this very loud and clear, as the cat is out of the bag, anyway at this stage. So what do I care. If I deny God – in an instant, the millions of money and worldly things that would be tossed at me, would be, innumerable. I’m aware of that – but, I don’t give a flying monkeys. I’ve said no to many things before. Major Record deals & Prime Time Tv Shows – name it. I’m not perfect and don’t claim to be a saint but ::

My faith is very important to me and so shall it be. I say this, cuz I just got a letter today around this – but rather than being down, I’ll celebrate my stance, the more. Have tried the other way and it hasn’t worked for me neither. It’s not worth, the troubles, the head ache, the stress, the backstabbing, plotting and tearing other people down to make mine stand tall. Even, just to be around it, is awkwardly – disturbing alone. And for what? For stuff. Fame? Money? Power? All that could be taken; in an instance, or left behind when you draw your last breadth. No thanks!

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Never – been into it anyway, but it seems to be the way the world rolls – to get ahead – ‘Revolutioised Sociopathological Narcissism’. I have in God :: faith – that there are nice, loving, spiritually minded peeps out there, who don’t need all that negativity to prosper. Likewise, sharing in my vision of a One Love, One People, One Race – one day, philosophy! We don’t always have to agree, but we don’t always have to hate, or kill each other in the name of Love*. Nor, in the name of God. Love is a beautiful thing.

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It astounds me how some very well off people in the west – cringe at the thought of God. It’s mind boggling. Or is this not supposed to be a ‘Xtain Nation’. Rewind that part. The Love of Money is the Root Of All Evil ..’ Don’t get it twisted I like money, but I’m not indebted to it. It does not rule me. God First. God Is Love* :: I feel this is as honest as how I can put this :: Have a wonderful and fruitful week ahead.

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