MercyfulGrace Diaries with Assault – ‘Domestic Violence’.


It was friday morning, just after midnight – 8th of August 2014. I was strolling out the door to get something light, to eat, for a change and take a short walk around the neighbourhood. Then I heard her screaming ..’ What I witnessed next, was not pleasant. Scary for me too – because, I was not sure – If I’d be the next.

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The memories faded quickly into my childhood watching my father do this to my mother, in various degrees, as far back as when I was only 2, while she used to chase him out of the house with a roling pin.


I literally saw a man, choke hold his girlfriend and knock her to the ground on my street. She confronted him for lying to her, being in bed, only to find him in a club with another girl. Then he assaulted her. Girls, why do you put up with this kind of behaviour and men?

She was hysterical, telling him to leave her alone but he kept intimidating her, the more – saying, he’ll hit her if he wanted. She was screaming. No neighbours helped – until I came out and called the police.

MG Log editedShe is in bits now – in the police car! I waited a while to see how it was going to develop. Luckily, someone like me was nearby to assist the poor girl. I totally forgot I had my mini camera on me – to capture the whole saga. These were white folks by the way.


It was interesting ironically;  her head was telling her – “He is a fool, and liar and a cheat – leave him”, but her heart was saying, “love me more”. Even thou, she was in terror, terrified by his actions – she was desperately clinging unto his twisted fists, while he was still trying to kiss her – to confuse her, even more. I hope this serves as a cautionary tale -to someone out there.

Don’t put up with it. Put him out …’ I don’t care how good it is or how good he is. Nobody should be subjected to a life of violence and deprecation – for the sake of being with someone.

The  onus is on fathers to love their daughters unconditionally. If a girl have men at home; in her brothers, uncles and father(s) – who treat her like a princess, when she goes out to find a man (court) – she will settle for nothing less than a man who will treat her like a Queen! Why wouldn’t she? When she can go back home to being treated as a princess ..’

The more he wanted her, the more he abused her and violated her, and her trust – in other men; too. Not good. “The mire of mediocre is no way for a King and Queen like You and I”. Haters are like glue stuck to water in vain ..’ Wanting, you – to feel the strain!

MG Log – Domestic Violence

She needs counscelling !!! Prayers and deliverance in every sense !!!

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