Fulani’s Vs Taliban’s – Dirty Politics On The #Brain – #In14Ways #Taliban #Fulani

Written by Dr Abejide Olusegun


Sincerely speaking, how everyone reacts to the situations in Afghanistan presently, most especially in supporting the America government and their security baffles me indeed. To me, we are all fools in our observations. Please, throw it back to me also, I will take it.

Wao, Taliban took over THEIR OWN COUNTRY, the whole world went berserk, but ASKENASIS took over other people’s country (Israel) in 1945 and still occupying it till today, yet the whole world still keeps quiet. Actually, some Animals among us still praising the present occupier of the land of Israel up till now, yet we all know that they are foreigners, but because they are white or backed by white people, they must be legitimate.

Are you so foolish to think and ask the question: why is it that CNN and other western world medias keep quiet and say nothing about our situations in Nigeria? Or are you saying that what you are seeing on videos about the ways the Taliban are treating their people now in their country is more terrible than that of what is going on in Nigeria! To me, what is going on in Nigeria, the satanic behaviors of the Fulanis have no equal at the moment in the whole world, yet the western worlds and the Arab worlds keep quiet, yet groaning on Afghanistan, and you Africans, Nigerians, Yorubas and Ibos lost that!

May I remind you, you fools of the southern Nigeria, most especially, the Yorubas, that, the Fulanis backed by the western world are rapping your women and killing your people now, and about to take over your lands from you, yet the whole world keep quiet, because they will love it if the Fulanis finally displace you. Wouldn’t you stand up against the Fulanis and the western world and let them proscribe you as TERRORIST like they call the Taliban than just stand there and be onlooker as you are waiting for a god from the sky to come and fight for you! What kind of human being are you anyway. Don’t you know that no nation in the history of this world ever got their freedoms only by making noise, nonsensical noises around the world! Who had bewitched you anyway.

Premiers in London Nov 27th

Leave the Taliban alone, I kudos them as they were reluctant to be defeated by the western world. Bravo, they got their country back from the evil occupiers of their lands for many years. Let us stand up and fight the Fulanis cum the western world that are using the Fulanis to take over our lands from us. And also, stop sending your money to the people at home, mostly, those organizations as ILANA OMO OODUA, they are just noise makers, they don’t know what to do. Please, you are free to throw all your SALVOS on me, I will take it.

Remember, Awon Mararun kora won jo, won ni won o fi Ejiogbe Joba, Ejiogbe ni ti won ba fi oun Joba, o ni Asiri won o ni bo. Temi bo lo ni. Se ni ki e ma tan ra yin je ka ki ri. Awon Ara ibi yi fee de na. Ire o.

Dr. Abejide Olusegun is my name.

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