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Written by Aremuorin

This should be outlawed. We can do better♥️. Show some love oo. Grace to the rhythm. Remember the poor❤️. #Mercy !!!

My friends have opened my eyes to a grave reality of the world we live in and I am thankful that my music and gifts can be a talent for an instrument of change and praise to the maker who endowed me mercy for a good cause.

I think we are spoilt miserably in the west and just utterly ungrateful for what we have. We moan and complain about absolute trivial nonsense.

Let me show you some pics from some of my fans what their lives are like.

Even if I had the whole world, over, a trillion times. I would trade it for the Love of God. One moment, with him lasts, an eternity. I pray everyone experiences this love through fellowship of mankind.

It’s the beginning of the awakening of an awareness. This should not be allowed anywhere on earth, dead or alive.

I know you think we are crazy but we are not the only ones.

Produced by Aremuorin

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