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Written by Aremuorin

Just read the T&Cs of at least 3 music distributors. It is modern day slavery.

Probably worse. Worse because most artistes have no clue.

Also, they have the right to change the terms any time to fcuk you over even further. Lawd Jesus. So I will be removing all my music from these manipulators in moving on.

They have taken it all from the Artiste. This is pure evil😢. They do not generally offer advances to the indie Artiste for these licenses. It’s wrong.

And if they do, how much of your soul are you giving up, and for how much? Are you aware of their subs exploits of your work(s) and are they transparent, or accountable with monies received on your behalf. These distributions are vague.


It’s like giving away your work for free. Your rights owned 100 per cent, are worthless once you sign them off to this licence, cuz you get from pennies to nothing from royalties for your song(s) under some of these agreements.

It’s irrelevant at this point, to me, if the deal is exclusive, or not. It’s a case of the lesser evil. No Artiste should part with their work(s) royalty free let alone giving away their performance rights. It is insane and Godless.

Charity Record

Did I miss something? Call the lawyers. Artiste. Are you reading what you are signing away after you slaved away in the studio to make all your beautiful music?

I read one distributor claim irrevocable & transferrable rights from the artistes??? That’s double muddy waters. Some take, worldwide, exclusive, royalty free licenses. But why? Help !!!

This should be outlawed. You have to be nutts, or on prozac, to sign one of these off. It’s utter crazy. Someone pls tell me this a terrible dream and that I will wake up from it.

Am no lawyer, but this does not look right to me. It’s slavery.

And if you still don’t believe me – read this review: on CD Baby‘Scam Of the Month’ by Moses Avalon.

This should disgust you too. Taking away the artiste’s rights and leaving them with almost nothing. Some artistes have been razzle-dazzled with deception, misguidance and left with exploitation. At best, left with nothing. Absolutely, nothing. This is modern day slavery.

I was horrified to realise potentially royalties that’s suppose to go to my charity for disadvantaged children will not be reaching out to their families and relatives in the UK and abroad as a result of this unethical greedy practice.

To understand or learn more about copyrights visit this site if you are in the United Kingdom.

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