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Written by Dr Olusegun Abejide

The average Nigerian or Africans, in general, have so much energy to preaching about Jesus to you and threaten you with hellfire and heaven that is unseen.

Yet they cannot use the same energy to gather people together and speak against oppression or finding a means to their poverties, the real hell they are experiencing on earth every day

One of them is a childhood friend and a school mate, he threatened me recently by saying; “I am nothing without Jesus, and my reply to him was; you are nothing without common sense. 50/50.

Take, for example, another friend of mine, a classmate was also telling me about a contract of over 500 million Naira he won recently, to supply MAIZE. He has gone to every nook and cranny of the country looking for Maize but couldn’t get even up to 1% OF WHAT HE NEEDED. He then decided to import the amount he needed from Brazil.

Importing Maize from Brazil to Nigeria! That was my response. Without cultivating it, a drop of Maize can continue germinating by itself on a fallow soil with a little moist weather. Yet, almost 70% of Nigerians have no job, mostly the youths.

They all sit in the cities, wallowing in poverty, rather than go to the interiors and start cultivating. God will always be right when he said: “My people are perishing for lack of knowledge.” There is no Jesus anywhere other than in the soil.

Cultivate it, plant Maize and in three months (90days), the real and meaning of Christ will manifest itself. So, stop preaching to me until you preach to the soil first.

Bring out Jesus from the soil; hence, I will be the first in your church on Sunday. A man who does not know how to impregnate the soil first, shouldn’t be allowed to impregnate any woman, period.

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