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Dear Pat Robertson, 700 Club

According to an article published on Out dot com, it claims Pat, lamented with, vitriol, the above sentiments. He felt that the lgbtqi community brought about the corona virus plague?

🤦🏿‍♂️😥✍🏿⛔ Not Surprising Thou 🤦🏿‍♂️😥✍🏿👈🏿

Appalling analysis.

Never mind fornication, adultry, out of wedlock single baby mamas, greed, covetousness, peodophiles, child sacrificing, human trafficking, war crimes, swindling, dehumanization of 3rd world’s, slavery, racism fake prosperity preachers, or white jesus.

Let’s just blame the gays. That makes sense. Hmm. I can see the logic now ..’

Keep cherry picking your narcissistic sins and scriptures to gaslight with. When you finish, stand in a mirror and look into your own reflection:

You will find out that this is why we have many prosperity preachers fleecing our pockets with rhetorics of their witchcraft, foolishness and sundries; masquerading as Gods, appointed spokes person, asking us, to pay for prayer packages.

May be that is why God is mad and sent a plague.

You can read the article on out.com and here



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