Bad #Religion: Time for #Change #In14Ways #MercyfulGrace

Joel O’Neil Alastair Brown

Written by Joel O’Neil Alastair Brown

I’ve learned after decades of tiresome conversations, that Christians who blame complex theological,

sociological, ecological, medical or economical problems that we face solely as the invisible work of “demons”, cannot be entrusted the responsibility to lead on problem-solving strategic management of said issues in any serious capacity.

Joel O’Neil Alastair Brown

World Poverty, Climate Change, Cancer, Racism cannot be exorcised by screaming loudly at people with bibles and crucifixes nor prayed away through fervernt intercession at least we haven’t managed to rid ourselves of those demons so far and are unlikely to in the near future before we arrive at an apocalyptic tipping point.

I won’t even bother mentioning those that are still convinced same sex attraction is caused by demonic possession. I’m not having that conversation with anyone who still proffers such ignorance in 2019.

We need courageous clergical leadership on all fronts who are willing to utilize all the wisdom and experience from human intellectual inquiry to really explore the cause of the multiple crises facing humanity and work alongside the best and brightest of secular scholarship to implement evidence based solutions.

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