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Bad Religion

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The double standards of conflicting self righteous cherry picked, biblical scriptures used by advantage; to exclude, demonise, and harrass outsiders with the bible – #badreligion, interests me as a Writer & Musician who works in PR.

Bad religion has excluded Women, the lgbtq and plethora communities that ought to be included lovingly. Most importantly #black people.

I got a call from the UK #police recently apologising for their failure to investigate the #hatecrimes I’ve reported.

It’s not enough. We need social change. Some White Privileges, systematically; erode the dignity & humanities of minorities. It needs to be re-examined and challenged.

Jesus was the God father of Social Inclusion. He never excluded anyone and also, He is not white.

John 3:17, NIV: “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”

Therefore, broken down and analysed intricately, some religions like Christianity to me are illusions, a propaganda in parts, incredulous at their worst, as a western religion,

and a misrepresentation of factual history; brainwashing people of colour. Christ was about inclusion, not exclusion; or deception.

Not all religions are bad, give or take, but I find their status quos fascinating, which ebbs me to go in, in the name of love with social

Inclusion. God is love to me. There is nothing above love. It’s time for #SocialChange ..’ – #In14Ways

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By Anthony Everest

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