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Organised religions are like people living in glass houses. They should not be throwing stones. Do not come for me or I will lay out your hypocrisies for you one by one ..’ Keep that dogma and narrative to yourselves and your bosses, bosses; smart enough to pimp your gullible ignorance all the way to the bank and back

I always wondered in the narrative of ‘White Jesus‘ how the heaven or earth did he have twelve disciples with English names? For someone who was born in the middle East. Really? Total white wash.

This is how slavery; and, of the mind, started. I am not disputing the disciples, but the names thou – are fishy as hell.  No pun intended. He was a fisher of men.

Perhaps, this is the reason why the sun rises in East and sets to the west ..’

The real Jesus came to set the captives free. ‘White Jesus’ on the hand was about power through appropriation of the truth via slavery of every fashion; economically,
mentally, psychologically, anthropologically and socially. These were just some of the vehicles.

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The Arabian slave trade of the black-race counter-argument is inhumanely disproportionate comparatively, with the extent of the generational reverberation effects of the trans Atlantic slave-trade on the black-race, till today in my opinion.

Neither was it on the same scale. Jews saw reparations for the unforgettable diabolics of the Holocaust; unlike the black-race, for slavery. Blacks are still systemically shut down and told they are inferior.

When blacks were brutally dehumanized systemically via slavery they were forced to accept the religion of their slave masters. Their White God. Hence White Jesus. Jesus is not my problem. White Jesus is. It’s funny when you meet white’s who don’t even believe in him. You begin to wonder – why?

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As a Black African it’s hard not to be traumatized by the lingering chains on the consciousness of blacks; religiously, all over the globe totally unbroken still believing in this ‘White Jesus’ as their God coming to save them.

Dear God. Mercy !!! Fcuk that narrative. No offense. Jesus is not white. If he is, I want a divorce. Jesus did not condemn anyone nor enslave anyone ..’

Jesus is love. Love is freedom. Love is God. That’s whom I believe. That’s my narrative. That’s my faith. At the end of the day religion is a business. It’s all about the money and the love of it is the root of all evil.

God told me he would use me to write about him. I heard him clearly. He did not send his Son Jesus to enslave, judge or deceive; nor condemn humanity. John 3 : 16 – 17. So. I begin to repeat.

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I don’t need the Pope to find God ..’


by Anthony Everest 

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