25 Mind Boggling Facts about Social Media

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Social media has taken the world by storm. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are few of the insanely popular sites that are accessible to almost everyone around the globe. The reason for their immense success is the ability to connect distant people together.

Since its inception, social media has and still continues to amaze people with some of the astonishing facts related to it. The facts mentioned below will give you an insight into the power and the capability that the social media processes.

Check out these amazing facts about social media and have your mind blown away!

There are 219 million attempts per year on Facebook! Facebook is a huge social networking site, so big that hackers’ estimated amount of attempting to hack into personal accounts is 600,000… every day. Facebook is responsible for directing 23% of the web traffic of the entire Internet.

Facebook approached MySpace, in 2004, to be bought off the market for $75 million. However, Myspace turned down the proposal.
B2B companies have acquired 77% of their new customers only through Facebook.

The total user numbers of WhatsApp is around 700 million, Twitter with 310 million and Instagram with only 300 million respectively. If added up together, they would still not reach the Facebook’s total amount of users, and that is 1.65 billion!

Instagram was developed as an app only meant for iPhone users in 2010.
The total number of photos uploaded on Instagram has reached the mark of 21.9 billion photos, with 60 million photos being uploaded every other day.
In 2013, Instagram launched its feature of video uploading and within the first 24 hours, 5 million videos were uploaded.

Instagram is considered to be the most important social networking site by 32% of the American teens.
The most popular geotagged location is the New York City with, Time Square coming in the second place.

41% of e-commerce traffic prefers Pinterest rather than Facebook, who remains successful at acquiring only 37% of e-commerce traffic
More referral traffic is generated by Pinterest than YouTube, Linked In, and Reddit combined.

70% of its entire users are females.
57% of its users have shown extra interest in food and related items’ pins making it the most popular category in Pinterest. Pinterest successfully generates 400% revenue per click than Twitter and Facebook.

Around 41% millionaires put LinkedIn into daily use. The amount of LinkedIn users is increased by four users every two seconds.

The number of Slideshare presentations uploaded on LinkedIn has approximately reached 20 million by 2015.

Since its beginning in 2003, more than 1 billion endorsements have been made on LinkedIn. (Though the authenticity of those endorsements is questionable)
Around 91% of the LinkedIn users utilize the free version. The rest of the 10% avails the paid upgraded accounts of LinkedIn.

After learning these astonishing facts, it is not hard to see the influences of these social networking sites on the population. Around 80% of the world, the population has access to smartphones, which means that 80% of the population is constantly influenced and affected every other day.


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