The Church and the devil

Some churches are fronts for brotherhoods, cults and secret societies. 

– Aremuorin

Said this before. Now paraphrased. Just because you are a Xtain does not mean you’re not a sinner. Some churches are fronts for brotherhoods, cults and secret societies. That’s how they get you ..’ 
Went to one massive well known one in London. They pursued me relentlessly to come back. Went reluctantly, then they, asked me to join their brotherhood. 

I declined. Then they attacked me ferociously. They spun lies. They weaved hate. They said I was causing trouble. They even used other gullible, naive, young black people in church to attack me while sitting back and waiting for a provocation from me. I didnt give it to them.

After they shamelessly admitted their guilt apologetically; privately – they told me candidly I had to stop coming? Or else; their business will fail.

It was a subtle wise threat. I read it profoundly; in between the lines. You don’t have to be Einstein. This was a battle vs War. Which one do I prefer to win?

So. When you go to church and you are all singing and dancing. Think again and read in between the lines like me.

The devil does not give you anything for free. He does not have your best interest at heart. His role and sole goal is to kill and destroy you before you do. Word !!!!!!!

Do any of your favourite famous gospel artistes that went pop who tragically demised ring a bell?

When you begin to know God and how he preceeds his plan to succeed you will begin to take comfort in its long sufferings to wait. Obedience is better than sacrifice. God sees through the trimmings.

Like lovers unlike haters. Like prayers unlike strayers. Like builders unlike destroyers and so on ..’ Pay attention to those who love you. They may not be here tomorrow. They aren’t always the ones smiling with you. 

By Aremuorin
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