The Art of Ghosting with Susan Obehioye

​To those of you who think it’s ok to be VERY BLUNT and without tact. Just know one thing. When people start avoiding you. Please don’t make a fuss.

Yes it’s fine to be blunt .. but sometimes think about how the other person would feel. Apply wisdom in communicating especially when it’s a sensitive subject. 
I will give you a few examples …. I had a friend who felt she could give out criticism so easily.

But hated it when she got it as good as she gave it.One day I just realised I didn’t need to deal with all her… “I tell it as it is”.
Oh and another friend who felt she could just say it straight to me or anyone if she was not happy and would not expect you to stand up for yourself.

I made jenny’s hair! Jenny was naughty so I cut all her hair off! 😂😂

My method of getting rid!? Ghosting!!!! Ghosting is the perfect art of disappearing from someone. You don’t take calls texts. Or even acknowledge their existence.

They are not the only ones. If I chose to ghost you because you refused to install a filter between your brain and your mouth.. then I did it for my self care.

As adults no one is here to be treated like a child. If you can’t tell your friend the truth in a clear concise respectful manner. Then accept the fact that your constant self righteous behaviour of gagging at the sound of your own voice can be nauseating.

I don’t do confrontation. I just ghost. I can’t be dealing with people who don’t know how to grow up.

Susan Obehioye is a Makeup Artist from London ..

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