I don’t believe in law of attraction pt2

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Anyone can shift, their focus and perspective; it does not validate law of attraction in my book. So all the #babies molested, women #rapped, #trafficked and abused attracted that to themselves? Utter rubbish !!! #MercyfulGrace

Yes we are edowed to #create immensely. Some for #good or evil. #Freewill. But don’t blame it on Law of Attraction. If the law of attraction is 100% true, then I #blame all the #evil today on #Eve. Since that evening.

When are sadists going to take blame for evil things they do & stop the waffle with the law of attraction mess..’ TBH. I begin to wonder. Is the Law of

Attraction a new religion and the new distraction for capitalism? The devil is good but still the father of all lies ..’

#Jeremiah 33:3 – Call to #me and I will answer #you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know ..’
#MercyfulGrace #Love #truths

The same reason why some are desentisized; and will see nothing wrong in fornicating every day, or night of the week with different partners is the same reason why they have lack of human empathy, or cause for change, for those whose lives have been torn apart by useless, barbaric wars and insatiable victimatization because of the colour of their skin – calling such evil law of attraction.

Some even believe there is no white supremacy. Some of the same subset don’t believe in Jesus, or, the Holy Spirit but believe in the Law of attraction. Yes that’s life but it does not make it valid. MSG.

I guess according to law of #attraction white #supremacy defies #because other races create it in their minds. So, it just multiplies.

The oppression, pillaging, plundering, conquering of their countries, nations and effects debilitating them for 400 years on, in the aftermath. It was all conjured by the universe cuz they just couldn’t stop focusing on it and creating it in their minds. Hence, attracting it – by virtue of law of attraction ..’

Uhm. That should make sense ..’ Sounds like voodoo to me this law of attraction if I’m being honest. Maybe, ‘White Jesus’ – to be more precise ..’ The problem here is – ‘Jesus isn’t white and God isnt the universe’. God is love and Jesus is selfless! So, who is really behind the law of attraction or White Jesus?


What’s your view? Share this with someone! Dont wait. Pass it on ..’

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