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I’m talking to love. Lovers, and those; who love it ..’ – Àrèmúorin

​”The world is currently in a mess because we are all forced subliminally into loveless activities and actions. The world no longer knows what true love entails. All actions in the name of ‘love’ are not deep rooted but perfunctory. Today the word “love” is a beauty of lips and never a virtue of the mind and heart. It has for thousands of years lost its aroma and taste. 

Everything about our world is love, true love, a personification which stands to heal us up if we take her serious and take her up by what she stands for. She stands for healing and unity, peace and harmony, freedom and life, joy in abundance and rejoicing in successes, natural successes.

The enemies within us want us to believe that our world has never known true love that it has been wars and countless of wars, hates and abundant of it, chaos with no way out of it, lovelessness inspite of our make up as love, etc. A lie this is and a program to get us entangled in a web of frustration and anguish. There was a time when the only law in our world was “true love”, she reigned supreme! 

When no one had to think evil of another, when no one had no knowledge of warfare, terrorism, no territorial boundaries to protect, no assets or investments to protect by all means because what belongs to me belongs to you too, when no one eats alone but have to share be it in times of plenty or in times of small among one another, when the pains of one become the pains of all, when the rejoicing and celebrations of one become that of all, when the whole world birth children and raise them up together, when we were the citizens of Ankhebula (Earth) not just citizens of a minute space from the lot, when we were just simple and sophisticated but not – Anthony Everest

complicated to confusion, when we were wiser and more knowledgeable, when we were more educated in natural things than artificial ones, when we were so attached as to suckle from mother nature herself, when we were true men and wombmen with ideals of living, when our intuitive abilities were at their peak, when we were highly spiritual to demonstrate our true love, and when we were better positioned to lead ourselves first so as to stand poised and experienced enough to lead another aright rather than “rule one another”. 
Can we achieve these and return this world around for the best? Absolutely yes! Now look around, why do we surfer? Why are we so afraid? Why are we dying prematurely in large numbers? Why the war? Why the terror? Why the genocides? Why the hate? Why the crimes? 

Lack of true love is the reason! Our common enemies are loveless, they have no love in them. They are so loveless and evil. The sad part is that they hide behind our lovelessness to shield their characters to perpetrate and perpetuate these evil on huemans. 
The interesting part then is that we can unveil them from the cloak when we take up the mantle of love that we are and when we give it out in quantum. When everything we do and when our words are garnished with true love then we can fish them out, they cannot hide anymore because they cannot give out love, they cannot exhume, exhibit and extend it, they cannot live by love and they cannot survive by love because they are not love. 

We can conquer when we put true love first in all we do. Watch out the way we speak and behave, do these actions promote and stir up hate, racism, lovelessness and war? Why would just a few men and women send out hundreds of thousands to war and we foolishly obey? 

When there is a call to be recruited into a killing organisation (the military) and no one obeys, who will man the war equipment? When no one is interested in snuffing out the lives of the other, it becomes useless advancing wars and hate!  

When a wealthy rich man commands thousands to take up arms and to detonate bombs and they refuse to do his bid, will the wealthy man send his family? If he does and his family all gone, who else will he use to unleash his evil? Will terrorism not die a natural death forever? 
If employers in multinational organisations known to manufacture killer drugs and vaccines no longer see employees to help in the manufacture and distribution of these lethal drug, will such organisation not go extinct? We can always say no, it is our rights in the face of evil. There is no way the strength of twenty men will overcome a thousand when there is unity to a course! The list goes on. Let us be careful of what we do as a people and as huemans, what do I mean? 

They know, I mean the enemies know that the world is beginning to identify that we are in a ugly web, a real deep matrix outside of nature’s radar. Now they want us to believe that the only way to get out of it, after awakening to such reality, is to preach hate, teach segregation, teach one race above another and teach bloodlust revolutions.

The same old trick that has been used to spill the blood of billions of lives because they want us to keep believing that only revengeful acts, revolts in bloodshed, the spread of segregation and the songs of wars will bring about peace and emancipation. 

How wicked they are to fill our heads with this evil! Well, is this not why it is called a web, a maze program to control us! When your actions do not make your enemy uneasy, look carefully it is either you are playing into his trap or you are very ignorant of his schemes! Let the whole world begin to preach and teach true love then we will unveil our true enemies!! 

I tell us today that the only way to the survival of the hueman race is through true love and to recognise that we are love. Note, true love is never pessimistic and it is not something actualised with the dent of “true love to a fault”, never! Just as there is nothing like living to a fault or existence to a fault or to eat to a fault. To bring back true love rests on all of us. It begins with me, it begins with you, I mean it truly rests on all of us. We can achieve it once we teach it, preach it, show it, give it, practice it and stand by it at all times. 

It is my tradition to give true love and I religiously do it by my practice of it. If I do not truly love you, how would you love me in return? If you do not truly love, how would you see the best of me? I need you to see the best in me and of me because I truly love you, yes indeed I do love you”.

Written by – Chinedu Ubabuike Udeh
Produced by Àrèmúorin

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Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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