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Love. God First. When you realise the self serving opinionated ignorants with no concept of value attacking you can’t even influence your life; positively – you will block them from your spirit, eternally and free your mind. I am the change I want to see ..’ 

–  Àrèmúorin

My maternal grandfather, John Henry Scott, spent nights staking out his home and church with a shotgun because racists constantly threaten him for being a voting rights activist.  

My paternal grandfather, Henry Toldson, armed himself to defend this son against racists who threaten to lynch his son for cursing at White boy who called him a nigger. – CA Awards HQ with Anthony Everest

My stepfather, Imari Obadele, served five years in prison, because his organization, the Republic of New Africa, while defending themselves against an illegal raid, killed a police officer in Jackson, MS. – Lizzie Adams (Author)

My great grandfather fought in the Civil War in a colored brigade for the Union Army to end slavery. 

Our forefathers were Black Panthers who defended their neighborhood against state oppression; The “Negros with Guns” that obtained a charter from the National Rifle Association to arm the NAACP in North Carolina in the 1960s; The men and women who led slave insurrections; 

The Black Loyalists who fought with the British colonial forces during the American Revolution to fight against slavery; the occupants of the Negro Fort that fought alongside the Seminoles in Florida against White encroachment; and the countless maroon colonies that fought against racists for freedom every day.

In other words, whoever made this shirt, and whoever wears this shirt, should stop dishonoring our grandparents, and use “these hands” to read a book.  
Fight ignorance, instead of fighting ignorantly.

By Ivory Toldson 

Produced by Àrèmúorin

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