MercyfulGrace Diaries with Akol Nyok Akol Dok – ‘Mister Africa International 2016’.

‘Akol Nyok Akol Dok’ – Mister Africa International 2016 Winner with Runner up Mister Nigeria ..’

​1. What is it to win

Winning is a great pleasure, and the best pleasure was representing South Sudan and putting the nation on a global scale. To win you have to put in a lot of work and be confident in yourself and your abilities. 

2. How can you console a looser

I would encourage them to keep chasing their dreams and realize in life in you will be defeated, but you must always come back and fight. You can never fail because if you fail you can learn from your mistakes. 

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3. Tell us who you are

I am Akol Nyok Akol Dok, I was born in Renk located in the Upper Nile Region of South Sudan. I have spent the last decade of life in Central Iowa, a state in Midwest of the United States. I graduated from Carlisle Highs School, and attended Iowa State University where I studied Political Science and Pre-Law. I was very involved at my university campus serving as an Associate Justice on the Student Supreme Court evening running for Vice President.  I am a natural born leader, I have the ability to inspire and spring positivity into people. I enjoy working out, reading books (I read a lot), and I enjoy taking walks. My personal goals include starting business and becoming a billionaire and power leader in society. I want to leave a major mark on history and most importantly leave a positive impact on everyone I come across. – Akol Nyok Akol Dok

4. What is being black to you

Being black is representing who you are and your origins. Being black is subjective and depends on the person and their background. In a white dominated society being black is understanding the obstacles in front of you and where you stand in society. 

5. Why are you a champion

I am a champion because first I am extremely talented and intelligent, and foremost I work very hard and have an attitude of a champion. I believe in myself and I know what I am capable of doing. I have a vision of what I can accomplish and I will overcome any obstacles in front of me. To achieve any success in this world you must first believe in yourself before anybody else does. 

6. Favourite movie, song and why

I don’t watch movies: Can I Live by Jay Z is my favorite song. I like that song because the lyrics are so real and profound. They inspire me to get up and pursue my goals relentlessly no matter the hindrances. – Akol Nyok Akol Dok

7. Last kiss?

I don’t kiss and tell. 

8. Paris or London and why

London because that’s where I won the competition and I believe that changed my life completely. 

9. If you were God for a day what will you do?

I don’t know the powers of God, but World peace; peace, joy, love and positivity in the hearts of all the people in the world.  

10. Who inspires you.

South Sudanese people who have suffered during the war. The citizens of my nation have suffered so much and they inspire me to become the best I can be because I am privileged to be in the United States and given all these opportunities. 

11. Favourite western and african dish

Western: Chicken and pasta

Africa: Assida 

12. Hillary or Trump?

Trump, he’s the President now and what we have to work with. – Mister Africa International Ambassador 2016, Akol Nyok and Anthony Everest.

13. Your Greatest defeat

I don’t know how to answer this questions honestly. I don’t think about the defeats in my life because I usually turn them into wins somehow. If I lose something, get hurt, or defeated; I will re-evaluate what took place and how I can learn and grow from the situation. 

14.  How would you love the world

I would love the world through understanding and through seeing things from other people’s perspective. I want to know how people suffer, love, and grow; and once I figure that out, I can love and encourage them. 

15.  What moves you to tears

Seeing people reach their full potential and instilling value and positivity into my peers. 

16.  What is wealth to you

Having enough to sustain you and provide you with resources and capital that allow you to live well and help others. 

17.  Your best xmas present to someone 

I don’t celebrate Xmas

18.  Earliest fond memories

Coming to the United States and struggling to understand the language and culture, but being persistent and learning. 

Akol Nyok Akol Dok – Mister Africa International 2016

19.  Who was your competition in the competition

I was competing for Mister Africa and not against anyone. I was only competing against myself and challenging myself to grow every single day in every aspect. 

20. What was your game plan

My game plan was to be myself and show what I am also capable of. I had to emphasize being honest with yourself and realizing your strengths and weaknesses and showcasing who you really are.

21. How would you like to be remembered?

As someone who inspire and left a positive mark on humanity. 
By Aremuorin

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