MercyfulGrace Diaries with Bisi Alimi – ‘Love and Halloween’. – Bisi Alimi Thrilling and the Gang

Faith comes by hearing the word – of God (The word of love).

Maybe you are the light they need, to see but because you are filled with hate, you are the darkness, they see ..’

No body is pious nor righteous 24/7. Even the bible says so. So help a little and stay off your self righteous horse sometimes. Love is light and I hope you shine. – With My New Friend Loic

Had so much fun to say the least as told to do by my manager, defiantly. In a twist of faith, the universe conspired against me in my favour. Charles called me to join this perfect mayhem. Bisi is getting hitched.

Thanks Bisi Alimi, Cuba Charles and everybody I’ve not mentioned but not deliberately. Need a long nap 😍😘😗 ..’
I had a ball of a time with my new found friends and beyond in the name of love today. Love is amazing ..’

Full story here – Via Aremuorin.

You are a product of the hate and love you learn ..’

Sin. When you want to talk about sin, talk about your own sin(s) first. Then. I’ll take you seriously ..

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Bisi explained to me profoundly in other words when we conversed, that; most of the homphobia that stems out of African communities like Nigeria stems from a systemic distraction from real issues like, hypocrisy, fraud, bad politics, bad religion, ignorance and corruption by the government.

By Aremuorin
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