MercyfulGrace Diaries with Hypocrites – ‘And Gay Bashers’ pt 2. – Love

When you find the hypocrisy on my timeline, point it out. Until then, go away; and polish your brain ..’ – Anthony Everest

You without sin cast the first stone. You should be more concerned with the theives running your churches pillaging and plundering Gods money. You can’t lecture people on virtuosity when your institution is riddled with hypocrisy. Nobody has time for that religion! – Hypocrites & Gay Bashers

You should rebuke that first. Sweep around your own front doors first before you sweep around the doors of the gays. Why dont you remove the log in your own eye before removing the speck in your brothers eye. You’d find that in the bible too. – Bad Religion.

Why not flush out all the child molestors in the catholic churches first. Bunch of hypocrites. God did not command anyone to hate anyone thanks to Jesus. – Hypocrites & Gay Bashers

Worry about your own sins. I think pastors who lie, steal, cheat and sleep with half of the choirs – changing women like their underwears are not natural to Godliness and his comand. How about that?

I think my subconcious cant get grip of that. King James who gave you the ‘King James Version’ of the bible that Africans love so much, even my nan – was gay. Why havent you burned his bible yet?
Some religious folks love hypocrisy like stupidity. They cant handle the truth revealed. Try another day. - Hypocrites & Gay Bashers

You will never win this argument of condemnation. The church has lost its higher moral ground and reputation a long time ago.

If Jesus came back again and walked among men; today, he will still be murderded; and rejected in the name of bad religion.

What a comical joke of santicmony. When you find the hypocricy on my timeline, point it out. Until then, go away; and polish your brain ..’ – Grace

The bible already says we are all sinners. So thats not news. Isaiah 64:6. Nobody said anyone should be a sinner. The fact is – no sinner is qualified to judge another sinner. Worry about your own sin. Practise what you preach in the name of God. God is love.

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