MercyfulGrace Diaries with Racism – ‘Love Is Golden’.

​Love is Golden

Einstein attritubted the absence of heat when it’s cold; to this. Meaning. It does not mean there is no heat. The same with darkness and light. The absence of darkness does not mean there’s no darkness. Just means light is present.

Point is – it’s all perspective and choices. I choose love. God is love. He is omnipotent and ever present whether we believe, see or not.
Cain murdered his brother, Abel, in a fit of a rage of jealousy over pleasing God. God was present and aware. 

But God works in mysterious ways to take glory in his creations just to eff with our minds. 

How do you explain a racist insidious tyrant of a slave master, writing ‘Amazing Grace’, (loved and sung by the whole world), when he got lost at sea.

That’s cryptically deep for anyone who has an incline of God’s master wonder works.

Those racist mofos might kill our flesh but not our spirits, otherwise; we would have been extinct by now. Especially the black race.

Most of this warfare is psychological. We just need to get smart(er) and mobilise ourselves strategically ingeniously. 

I hope this reveberates well. I wrote this piece and thought of sharing it with you. In a world of liars, saboteurs and wickedness; love is the only truth.

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