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Home is where you are loved. Love never dies as the saying goes. That’s the colour of my love.

Home is fun. It’s full of love, truth and undividedly given. Anything on the outskirts is full of pang and pain, deceit, mediocrity and selfish fear which won’t cut a knife but itself. Home is where you are loved. Check yourself. Where are you?

When Black Supremacists and White Supremacists compare notes, they would see, the are doing the same thing to each other. But when they decide, and work together, they will know change. A change that came with love and no limitations, or omissions; because, we are all the same ..’

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There’s a lot of truth we can walk in that some folks won’t understand. Now, I comprehend. How can they? When they’ve never been told, nor shown. Only the truth, sets you wholesomely; free ..’ The truth is never found, in anything; but love !!!

There’s power in the loving truth. Just because you are privileged does not make you superior. It makes you a servant. To serve. Serving the less privileged ones.

Don’t you know Yaweh loves the praises of the broken hearted more … You know why? Because their heart is like a child and their’s is the kingdom of God. Love*.

Some xtains (religions) judge too much and mock. I realised, they are not xtains. Had to block some recently for their negative out look on my love. It was getting morbidly toxic on my spirit.

Love will save the day. God is love. God gets angry at bad behaviour but there is a great get out clause too. His love. It came down and walked amongst us in Christ, don’t forget that. Jesus is the reason why there is hope for every one. The lost sheep are always on his mind invariably.

image – Never Around Ep

He is a forgiving God too. Jesus paid it all. Only God can judge. I’ve realised no one is immune from God’s wrath but his loving graces. Many shall be the first that will be the last on that day. Knowledge is power but wisdom is love. He is a wise God. That’s why he is love and the ancient of days.

My idea of love is spirit led. It’s a different dimension and licenced way of doing things unlike the carnal or physical ..’

I go where love needs me. I could care less about what skin tone, gender, or religion they wear. Maybe, my love is the healing they need, or vice versa. So long as I love myself, I will be wonderful and amazing where ever I am.

I have Yahweh that’s why I am magic. Amen

What’s your view? #MercyfulGrace

By Aremuorin

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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