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Hate and Love are different kinds of animals. Until you know how they work, you will never know, how they think ..’

Be Strong. Hate comes from fear (fear of the unknown). Love comes from peace (a place of rest).

So, they (the enemy – of peace), taught them to hate; love. To gain power over control; to mastermind a kind of temporal peace.

Dont tell me you love God and you spew hate to another kind in the same mindset because of your faith. It’s Stupid ..’ #MercyfulGrace


This is one of the greatest lies, the enemy has told; yet. It’s very uncanning how the enemy killed and kills from the inside. This is deep.

How else to do it than divide the house against itself; using religion. And once this happens, there is no house; no home, no rest – but only for the wicked – for a while.


Spread like poison. Dear Holy Spirit we need a fresh anointing to help us in times we don’t know. For real.

‘Not all that call me Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of God’.

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There is no where in the bible where Jesus taught you to hate gays. And; He was God.


He just about didn’t; as much as He did not talk about wedding cakes, or women in ministry.

Nuf of this nonsense. Get a real job and polish your brains. Stop using religion to disguise your evil hearts filled with wickedness on humanity.


Everybody is justified by Grace through Christ Jesus.


Yes – he did say ‘Go sin, no more’. But he also said’ ‘YOU WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE’.

That would be the Pope and the rest of the Human Race. We need love. Nuf hate already. God Is love.

There’s no dialogue in, no sense. I’m not about to sit with ignorant. Next! Theres a reason why people are caught up with repeat. There’s no hate in love and there’s no love in hate.

May the comfortless be comforted. May the broken – be mended. The way evil is wired, is not a conundrum; for love to unravel ..’ – Amen

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They say I have started a conspiracy. I beg to differ.

Who stands to profit from this new episode? And who saw this shooting entirely that survived the shooting?

How do we know the victims are not the only real witnesses dead. I’d like to know.

Nothing wrong with talking about hate or phobias.

But how do we know this is not another sick twisted cleverly orchestrated masterminded inside job by the works of some evil people with dispeakable agendas!

Don’t be dumbed down too quickly. I still have questions I’d like answered, just like the families and victims of these untimely deaths.




We will smile, laugh, dance and celebrate life to the fullest. Refusing to be judged by pious liars, hypocrites and thieves in their santimoniom and their santimonious gutters.

INSTEAD, living lives of loves and truths; in the ever loving hands and graces of the almighty, always.

For whom he surrendered his only begotten son; for love, and through love – that lovers of all kinds might know him and love him in return like he loved them – first. Amen.




Now I know why Jesus called Mathew the Tax Collector to be his disciple. BAM.

I wish I was not a disciple of #Jesus, then I’d give homophobes a taste of their #medicine.

Maybe they would feel how it feels to be hated for minding their own business. Flaming #hypocrites.

Do not #judge or for you too shall be judged ..’ Why do these hypos spend their whole lives #playing #holy and #perfect; yet forgetting that part of their faith?

Never known such #hypocrisy in my life. First it was #Racism. Now #Homophobia. How nice!

Imagine gays waged a heterogeneous war of heterophobia.

And all gay entrepreneurs or creative’s, disengaged from any one not gay; commercially.

It would be riddick. Stylists, designers, fashionistas, hairdressers, shoemakers, politicians, musician’s, actors – imagine, they all cut homophobes loose.

Read Mathew 9 : 7 – 13


By Aremuorin

Àrèmúorin – Anthony Everest is a Jazz, Soul-R&B Multi Award Winning Indie Singer-Songwriter, Author, Producer. No1, 49+ Weeks, Jazz Charts.

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