MercyfulGrace Diaries with Yolanda Spivey – ‘On Racism’


I quote ‘Yolonda Spivey’ –

“When I did the Bianca White experiment (changing myself into a white woman to get jobs), I thought I was just telling a story that happened to me.

I never thought that my actions were any sort of brave steps, but I quickly learned that they were.

Many Black people are discriminated against every step they take in their daily lives and they choose to remain silent.

Some are just afraid to lose what they have built over the years. I understand them though because I have suffered tremendously for what I have done.


People thought my life just popped after that experiment, but it didn’t. Corporate America shut the doors in my face– I was no longer welcomed to sit at their table.

As a result, I was faced with standing on the street corner to earn a living just to feed my son.  (I will never judge prostitutes EVER).

Luckily that didn’t happen BUT you lose big when you tell America the truth about herself. Standing up is BRAVE!”

Dear Yolonda


The truth has set you free. Time will tell it gloriously. You are no longer a slave to that lie.


When people of colour, are lamenting on the prejudice and indignation they suffer from racism, it’s often arduous, for the dominant race; to compute, when they have no cognizance of the fact they privilege from it daily, institutionally, racially and systematically, at the expense of people of colour. This goes back to slavery – unfortunately.

Gods Love2
Love –

Folks are waking up and realising. YOU are not the only one. We choose love. Think of what Jesus did.


That was love. Your actions and revelations were Christ like. If Jesus came down in a cloud in golden robed robes; sitting on a throne, everyone would believe.

Now we get to share your story and love your truths. Love always wins. SO I AM ASKING YOU AGAIN.


How are you today? The sun is rising. I hope you are shinning! Within, there’s a river that streams. Time tells it tale and wisdom prevails where it sails.

As for you; you are loved and here are my gifts for you. Enjoy. Be blessed and let your spirit shine. If ever there is a doubt, I’ve told you this before. Now you now!

You are brave. A warrior of truths and lights that reveal that the devil is a liar. God Is Love. Those that know love will rise and celebrate this post, come through, and do the right thing.

Love has no colour, gender or religion ..’

By Aremuorin


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