MercyfulGrace Diaries with What Time – ‘Is It’


When the devil is setting traps for you, mother nature (God), is teaching you; something brand new.


‘Are you running from fry pan to fire, or from the devil; to a witch?’ – Bishop TD Jakes

Something to think about. Lucifer has no game and no shame. Zero percent sass. This ain’t a mother freaking joke. Do they even know what time it is?


Leave us alone. We like Jesus. He’s a cool guy. He’s everyone’s friend. If you choose to believe. Theres power in his name.

His grace is available unto you and everyone you know, who comes along. He hung on mountains praying, teaching, performing miracles, revealing secrets with wisdom no mind has ever found nor conceived.


As for religious fanatics, they should leave their bigotry disguised behind bad religion, at the door.

You should be more outraged by what the self righteous fraudsters; behind pulpits, running rackets, like bad politicians – are doing WORLDWIDE, than what people; with alternative lifestyles are doing – like ‘unbelievers’.


Maybe, you are the reason why they are not coming to church anymore. You and your bigotry.

I believe – Jesus is the son of God. On the cross he died and rose on the 3rd day for my souls redemption by faith. It’s my free will to reflect that light


He paid the ultimate price for my transgressions until the end of time. He crowned me first because he was crossed – first.

The same grace is available to every flesh and bone via faith when you believe. In fact he gave it before you believed.

#MercyfulGrace #RealTalk #Antics

By Aremuorin


(C) 2016
All Rights Reserved

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