MercyfulGrace Diaries with ‘Serena Williams’ – Beauty or Art ..’ by Aremuorin

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She wants to mate ..’ lol – I mean – date .. What I really mean is – she wants to – get hitched !!! – Anthony Everest

 Serena  Williams -'.jpg

So air brushed too ..

Beauty is relative ..’ It’s only in the eye of the beholder. I know may beautiful demons who look glorious on the outside like the bright morning star ..’ Aside, I was only pulling legs.

But back to my point – if she wants a man – she does not need to open her legs on the front cover of a magazine to be beautiful ..’ Snap !!! While some women, argue; that ::

“Appreciate the beauty and strength; don’t hate … Airbrushing is art” – Tayo Olumodeji

Like, I said – beauty is relative ..’ No thanks to glossy magazines ..’  Ladies, don’t be upset when you attract what you project. You can’t live up to a mans fantasy, nether can you compete, with it. A bride that is wooed by dancing, dancing is what would take that bride away ..’ Boom X  !! Snap, again and 

Picture that …’

I love Serena and her sis. She is an incredible athlete – I just don’t think, I’d like to think, she is that girl – on that cover ..’ But hey – Freewill !!! Everyone can do as they will. That’s what makes us all human. Having said that – I pray we all affirm and remember our higher selves and purpose to life, to light the way ..’ #MercyfulGrace – Twitter @DMercyfulGrace

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